I Haven T Gained A Pound Ughhh

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beardtl - October 17

I went to the dr on monday- 12wks-2 days (almost 2nd trimester!!) and I have not gained one pound- same exact weight- It's obvious i am pregnant and have already began wearing maternity pants- so how could I be soo big and not have gained any weight. i know some say i'm lucky but is it okay that i haven't gained any weight yet?? Thanks!


ma1008 - October 17

i actually lost 5 pounds during my first trimester and everything was fine, i think its normal as long as you're eating healthy.


jennifer_33106 - October 17

It is normal to not gain any weight and also to lose a few a pounds in your first trimester. Its during the second that you wanna make sure you are gaining sufficiant weight. You are fine.


sarah21 - October 17

Yep I lost 3 pounds during my first trimester but had gained back 2.5 by 13.5 weeks. I was in maternity pants from 8 weeks on due to bloating and I also was showing earlier. My uterus has also moved up ahead of schedule, too. Everybody is different, so don't worry about it. You'll gain some weight soon enough I'm sure. :)


kay101 - October 17

Lucky lucky lucky! LOL I've gained 8 pounds and I'm only 7 weeks. I haven't been eating much either. It's odd how when I'm not pregnant I can't gain an ounce no matter how much I eat, then I get pregnant and I can gain a pound from eating an apple. Most women don't gain any weight during the first trimester. Many even lose weight from morning sickness and not being able to eat as much as normal. You might be bloated and that's why you are wearing maternity pants. Your waist is going to expand before your uterus is really big enough to give you a baby bump. You're going to grow a bit on the sides until you start growing out. Just enjoy it while it lasts :)


jennifer_33106 - October 17

haha you know, I was reading the t_tle of this thread and how many times are you going to hear a bunch of women complaining about not gaining weight??? I just thought it was humorous. :)


Cevvin - October 18

i lost 20 pounds my first trimester due to nausea, dont worry it will catch up on ya.


val_jo - October 22

I will be 19 weeks on Wednesday and my total weight gain is -2pounds. I lost 3 during my second month and so far have only gained 1 back. My dr says it's fine as long as my uterus is growing accordingly and so is the baby. She told me not to worry, I'd catch up soon enough!!!


EricaG - October 22

I wouldn't get too upset just yet. It's normal to not have gained any weight (and to even have lost!) at 12 weeks pregnant. First of all it has to do with how much you have weighed to start off with. If you start off underweight then you should put on a few lbs in the first trimester. If you are at and average weight you are ok losing a few lbs, staying where you are, or gaining a few lbs. And if you are overweight then you really shouldn't gain weight in the first trimester as it is not neccessary. When I was pregnant with my daughter I started the pregnancy at 5'4" and 180 lbs. I lost 15lbs in the first trimester and slowly gained the 15 lbs back during my last two trimesters. I did not gain any weight through my whole pregnancy and my baby was born at 37 weeks weighing 7 lbs 5 oz.! This pregnancy I am starting off at 125 lbs (much better, lol) I have gained about 1.5 lbs and I'm 9 weeks. That's ok, but I would also be ok if I hadn't gained that or even if I had lost a couple lbs. My belly is definitely popping our too :o)



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