I Just Found Out Im Pregnant

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DorothyL - March 28

Hey, I just did a prenancy test and it says im pregnant. I kind of knew I was due to my br___ts hurting and sickness feeling and omg im even constipated. But anyyways Now that I found out I have a doctors appointment. What do they do??? What kind of tests do they do? I really want a healthy baby and i would do anything for him/her. Im just curiouse whats going to happen?


Kim L - March 28

Dorothy: Congratulations! That is wonderful news. :-) So how far along will you be when you see the doctor? (What they do depends on that.)


DorothyL - March 28

Kim I'm not sure how far along I am. I have no clue! I hope the doctor can tell me. Im really happy I told my boyfriend and hes really happy about it and hes comeing with me to the doctors. but anyways I will post more after i see the doctor and everything. thank you!


Kim L - March 28

O! Well in that case I bet you're getting a transv____al ultrasound so your doctor can find out how far along you are (I promise it doesn't hurt! it can just be a little uncomfortable at times like a v____al exam). Yay! Those are so much fun. If it's still really early, and it might be, they may not see much, in which case they will probably have you come back a week or two later for a followup. I always love going in for ultrasounds and getting a peek at all that's going on inside! Have fun and let me know how it goes!


AmyF - March 28

Congrats! My dr's office does everything in this order: 1st appt is bloodwork and paperwork. The second visit they'll do the v____al u/s like Kim L was talking about to see the little bean. Don't worry about the u/s though, your baby might be too small to use the non evasive u/s (the tummy scan one)


knightal418 - March 29

I am 5 weeks and called my doctor's office to tell them and ask what I needed to do and they told me the doctor will not even see me until I am at least 10 weeks along! My appointment is set for 11 weeks along... it is going to be a long wait!


Kim L - March 29

Hi knight: my doctor's office does the same thing - as long as you know the date of your last period, they won't see you before 10 weeks (I had an early ultrasound with this one @ 7 weeks due to history of miscarriages though). I know it seems like a looooong wait and the first trimester can be so exhausting. At 11 weeks you will be able to see SO much development though! That is exciting. Good luck!



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