I Just Got My BFP

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Christina - January 2

I am bouncing off of the walls because I just got my BFP! If I have been counting correctly, I should be 2 weeks tomorrow. I've been reading on the signs & symptoms forum, & I don't really have any symptoms. I have been having very mild cramping off & on for the past few days, my chest has seemed very tight, & I don't really have much of an appet_te. Is this ok?? Thanks for the help & support!!


nik - January 3

How exciting, congrats Christina! I'm in the same boat you are. I just got a positive a few days ago. I think I should be due around Sept 12 or so. My first appointment is tomorrow. Its my first preg. so I dont have any answers to your question, but all I have is sore b___bs, and Ive noticed I'm more tired. Have you told any friends or family yet, or are you going to try to keep it a secret for a while? My husband wants to keep it a secret, but I'm just dying to tell the world.


Teena - January 3

Christina and Nik, Congractulations to both of you. This is my second pregnancy, i just had my baby 3 months ago and found out on New Years day that i'm pregnant again. Yes cramping is normal for the begining of the pregnancy, if however u do have spotting go check it out with your doc. With my first baby i got spotting and went got checked and everything was fine so even slight spotting is ok but get yourself checked. Nik it is better not to tell people yet, close family and friends are fine but not co workers etc. A great book i recoomend which is so useful throughout pregnancy and answers questions without scaring you is WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN EXPECTING? I hope this is helpful.


Christina - January 3

I am also due around September 12!! I can't decide if I think that I am more tired than usual, although I do think that I am more thirsty...which I guess is a good sign. I have my first dr. appt. on the 16th, although I'm sort of wanting to change it to make it sooner! Do you know what goes on at the first appt? I'm like you, I'm just dying to tell everyone! But, I think that we are going to wait awhile to tell friends/coworkers (I teach high school so I'll have quite a few students to tell as well!) but we are going to tell our families this weekend. His parents are from Boston & we live in Ohio (close to my parents) & his parents are going to be in town this weekend, so we are going to tell them all then...it's just so hard waiting! Good luck to you!!


itsapinupthing - January 4

OMG I just found out I'm pregnant today, I have all the symtoms except for vomittimg. I'm also sooooo thristy, but ITS BECAUSE OF THE RUNS I'VE BEEN HAVING


nik - January 4

I had my first doctor appt this morning, they just took a urine test to confirm my pregnancy, and then I met with the doctor for like 5 minutes and she told me to call the the hospital and make an appointment with an obgyn. Kind of a waist of time oh well, I called the ob and they wont meet with me til im 8 weeks along. So i go in on Jan 30. Ive read other people getting ultrasounds early to hear a heart beat but the lady i talked to said we wont get an ultrasound til 20 weeks. I was kind of dissapointed to hear that. I wonder if thats normally what they do.



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