I Just Need To Vent

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shannon5980 - July 8

this is my fourth pregnancy. I am due feb 17th. I have never felt this bad with any of my other pregnancys. I am sick all the time and cant seem to sleep enough. The hardest thing is I work in a emergancy room of a hospital and things that didnt bother me before seem to make me really sick now. I work 40 hours a week than come home and take care of my dh and 3 children..dinner baths etc. My dh is constantly upset with me because I am ready for bed by 9:oo pm and said i never seem to want to spend "alone" time with him. I really feel like I am pushing myself too hard and scared I might be stressing myself out too much. I dont even know if I am coming or going anymore. We seem to argue more and more each day about stupid things. I am really getting fed up with it. thanks for listening.


Nadine-B - July 9

Hi Shannon, I know how you feel. This is also my 4th and like you I didn't feel this bad with any of the others. I can understand how working in the emergency ward would make you sick, I couldn't stomach it normally let alone while I'm pregnant(dog food makes me sick at the moment) so you are tougher than I am. Is there any way tou could lighten the load a little while you are feeling so sick? I asked my doctor about the effects of stress on pregnancy and she said that nothing had been proven. My DH and I recently went through a really stressful time as the bank was going to take our house(all o.k now thank God) Anyway enough from me, best of luck to you both and I hope that things calm down for you soon!


taralea - July 15

Hello this is also my 4th and I understand how your feeling. I am also working - at a pub, yesterday a guy had a go at me over nothing - i burst into tears!!! never been more emotional. I feel sick all the time and cant eat. Im only 27 and cant beleive I am having an other baby. My husband had cancer last year - he is only 26 he had one of his t______es removed and wasnt surposed to have an y wriggerlys for 2 yrs!! we were useing protection as well. He had radiotherapy after the op. So now we are concerned for the baby's health. You can email me if you want at : [email protected]


shannon5980 - July 16

thanks for your replys. Things are going better I guess. dont feel bad I am only 26 and this is my fourth...so we have alot in common.


RMC - July 16

Shannon, I also know how you feel as this is my 4th. I hear you on the exhaustion and full time job, then you still gotta come home and be wife and mom. Don't feel bad about venting, you're not alone.


Clarissa23 - July 17

im 23 and i think im preg with my 4th so i know how u feel...sometimes it is so overwhelming but u are not alone and god only gives us what we can handle...hang in there and feel free to vent whenu need to


taralea - July 22

shannon - email me some time - i'd love to chat. [email protected]



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