I Know Its Early But Im Excited Baby Names

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HeatherIsHopeful - December 3

so, has anyone else been playing with baby names yet?? DH and I are having a hard time with boys names but we have a girls name picked already... what do you guys think of Kaylin Renee? I wanna hear your names too if you have any ye :)


WyattsMommy - December 3

DH and I have a girl name and a boy name picked out. Girl--Audrey Jane Boy--Levi Weston. I really like the name Kaylin Renee. Those two names go good together!


AMBER81 - December 3

i had zachary for a boys name and and gabriel for a girl /there nice names you have chosen my siters name is renee michelle and her half sister is michelle renee /and justin is a good name to for a boy


hioannidis - December 3

Here are my names, not in any particular order and no first name/middle name combo's yet............enjoy.........Boys: James, Joseph, Adrian, Nicholas, Julian............ Girls: Isabelle/Isabella, Olivia, Ella, Sophia, Elizabeth, Adriana, Zoe/Zoey, Charlotte, Angelina


ShoppingForTwo - December 3

Hey ladies. We had the names picked out before I even got pregnant AND on top of that we aren't finding out the s_x this time so I'm sooooo NOT excited! (About the names) I wish we weren't sure on names so that I had something to figure out and keep my mind busy lol. I think I already told you guys but if she's a girl her name is Blair Sydney Gabrielle, and if he's a boy his name will be Victor Brandon Nathaniel the fourth. I need something to think of lol.


ShoppingForTwo - December 3

Oh well I guess I can keep myself busy by worrying about which day I want to have my planned c section. This baby will be born VERY close to the dates my daughter was born and pa__sed away. Like days apart. . . We have to figure out before her birth or after her birth, before her death, after her death, blah blah blah. Its a toucy situation. I figured I make a post about it and ask your opinions closer to the due date.


softbreeze200 - December 3

I love both of those names!! I am really partial to Wyatt as that is my husbands name!! I think for a girl it will be Grace Emma and a boy it will be Morgan Lee. There are so many great names out there! My cousin just had a little girl and named her Atlee Dane. Best of luck choosing!!


michelly4 - December 3

Well we have a name picked out for a boy or girl. It's Ryan for boy and speeled Rian for a girl. Not sure on the middle names though. It was my husbands best friend since he was 3. He was in a car accident a week after we met and was in a coma for 2 1/2 years when he pa__sed away. I think that whole thing just brought my husband and I closer. Like I said I had only known him a week when this happened and it was really hard on him. It showed me a side of him that people don't really get to see for awhile. So we are going to honor him with the name.


softbreeze200 - December 3

michelly4 That is such a special thing to do. I am sure that Ryan would be really proud and honoured. Conratulations on your bean on the way!


HeatherIsHopeful - December 3

Michelly4 that is awesome :) I love when people names their kids after loved ones :) I knew a girl named Rian in High school and have loved the name for a girl (as well as for a boy) ever since, great name. SFT, I love your names.. the 4 names thing is unique and very nifty :) your son will be a fourth? if he named our son (if baby is a boy) after his daddy he would be Raymond Charles Wadley the fourth lol softbreeze your names are adorable! Grace and Emma have always been two of my favorite names! :) I love the name search Im sorry you are missing out on out on it SFT... but the decision you are faced with is enough to keep anyone busy.. Im sorry you have to deal with that =/ in my personal opinion I would try to have the c section after the birth/death date of your daughter I have my reasons if you would like to hear them though they really trivial I guess... *shrug*


mjvdec01 - December 3

We named our daughter Madalyn Amanda (Amanda is my first name) If this baby is a girl her name will be Laila Joy (Joy is my middle name) If it is a boy his name will be Christian James (James is my husbands first name) Just starting out, where are you from?


fefer1 - December 3

I love Renee, it's my daughters middle name. Rachel Renee...I have no idea on any names yet. We like Isaiah for a boy...Jacob...but Jacob and Rachel were husband and wife in the bible and we thought that would be kind of weird. :) What else do we like...Audrey for a girl...Elijah...Julian after my husbands grandfather...


ShoppingForTwo - December 4

Hey Heather. Yes please explain :) my daughter was born on June 14th and pa__sed on thr 15th. This baby can be born anywhere between June 11th-25th. HELP :) We have plenty of time but lets talk about it lol.


ShoppingForTwo - December 4

Oh one more thing. I really want this baby out asap for my own crazy scary paranoid reasons. . . . . So June 11th is looking good. . . BUT what if the amino comes back that the lungs AREN'T ready then I'd have to wait until after the 15th anyway, wayyyyy after the 15th. . . . Too much to think about!


angelgabby84 - December 4

Names is our biggest problem. I have a girl name Carys Theresa. I also like Nia for a girl (btw I am Welsh). Boy names on the other hand I am having a huge problem with. DH and I want to pick names that are not so common so our lo wont have freinds with the same name. Both DH and I grew up with names nobody else had and it was great. My name is Kristen (which is unheard of in the UK as a girl name) and my husband is Roger (who calls a baby Roger hehe). I like Noah for a boy but DH hates it. He likes Evan and we both seem to like Daniel. Having really studied names it appears that they swap between countries. Kaylin and Renee to me are old names everyone knows. Gabriel is fab but is my maiden name so we wont use it. Michelle is very very common and Justin is my brother. Heheheheh. If i keep looking at names with this mindframe my baby will be called Baby. hahahahaha. Its so hard when you are giving this name to someone for the rest of their life.


eastcoast - December 4

So far, we've got Kaydence for a girl (speeling may be different though) and Kai for a boy. I play a lot of instruments, and love the meaning for the name Kaydence (latin for rhythm), and since DH and I both have scottish ancestors, we like Kai for a boy (scottish for fire...makes me think of a rough and tumble little boy). Not sure about a middle name yet, but leading towards Taylor (for either a boy or girl), that was my mom's grandparents' last name.


HeatherIsHopeful - December 4

eastcoast, great named! I have a thing for names that start with K lol. and Taylor for a middle name is wonderful, its a neutral name and it has meaning.. I love it :)



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