I M A Bitch Are You

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sleeplessinseattle - May 31

I'm 9 weeks. I'm not mean all of the time, and for the most part (if at work) I can try to hide it. But inside, I am cursing everyone out. I just can't seem to stand people lately. I have a short supply of patience for idiots. I'm ready to walk out of my job anyday now holding up my middle finger. And lets not even talk about the father. He's such a good, patient guy, but 50-60% of the time he gets on my nerves, mostly for no reason. He lovingly pat my behind yesterday while I was doing the dishes (not unusual) and I almost yelled RAPE! lol I felt so violated just by his mere touch. Poor guy, he's so confused, because the next moment I'll rub his back and tell him how much I love him. I have mood swings like crazy. Anybody have any stories??


singlem0m - May 31

HAHAHA Yes me too! I had a friend come up to me today (a man naturally) and told me that I needed to learn how to "control my moods". I would tell you what I thought about saying but it is not appropriate hahaha Its something like this --> (*$^)(!#&$)&#%+)*[email protected])#%* . I totally understand what you are going through. I work with the public so stupid ppl annoy me even more.


sleeplessinseattle - May 31

To both Nell143 and singlem0m: EXACTLY. I apologize so much that I'm sick of hearing it. I hurt his feelings too often, but I honestly, honestly don't mean to. Well, sometimes I feel a little better once I've jacked up his mood--but it's not intentional! My mood just naturally gets better after his is messed up. Then I apologize and I like him again. I know, psycho. One thing that irked me once was when he told his friend that he was having a baby. I thought NO I'M HAVING A BABY! LOL I'm sure things will get better. Let's just be happy that we're with patient, loving men. What about taking things the complete wrong way? Anybody experiencing that? I'll jump the guns and defend myself or start an argument when inactuality, I've taken it way out of context. Maybe because I don't have any other pregnancy symptoms, I'm feeling these mood swings to the 10th power.


nursej - May 31

well i have not been b___hy with my husband. matter of fact i have been over sensitive, my husband has been sooo wonderful even before the pregncny but especially since the pregnancy. he cooks, cleans, and deals with my mood swings. i cry at the drop of a hat, i cried one night b/c he wanted to watch basketball and i did not, he got up and moved downstairs to the livingroom and watched his game and let me have the one in the bedroom. but no arguments or anything, my dr. told me to stay calm and relax, plus i hate to argue any way.


littlemama1022 - June 1

I feel the same way..Most of the time the mood swings happen when I'm around my DH..He just irriates me so much, it started when I was around 7-8 weeks and I am now 28 weeks and STILL a b___h. Sometimes i wish i could slap him, I do just its inside of my head. lol


frankschick2001 - June 1

As for me, I am pretty much a monster to live with right now. I am suffering with terrible m/s 24/7 since week 6. I am almost at week 11. I yell and cry sometimes but mostly I just make rude and snide comments. I avoid hurting people I care about by just isolating myself. The only person who deals with me is my mom, sister and BF. Other than that I have been avoiding my friends and at work, I have been just keeping to myself. It is the only way to prevent going off on people! When I get home from work, I change and get right into bed, watch TV and go to sleep!


iakram - June 1

Hi Ladies, might if I join in? Nell just like you and all the other ladies I've had my fair share of b__w ups...but it's mainly directed at poor DH. I'm 31 weeks right now and the mood swings are in full gear it's literally one minute i'm fine the next minute i'm mad as hell. and it's not really him per se. you're right nell when you say it's a true test of marriage. my husband now knows that if i'm acting weird he'll beat out what's bothering me, since he know that if he leaves it alone...it'll only get worse. of course i feel horrible and then cry like a baby and tell him that i'm crazy....he's pretty understanding and tries not to loose his cool ... but man some of the things i say and do....i don't know how he does it....i hope it'll all be over soooonnnn :) Good Luck ladies as much as it seems abnormal it's pretty normal for ladies to have their ups and downs during preg. that's what it's all about :)


Nell143 - June 1

Yes we all can get pretty insane... my issue today is not dh... at least not yet awww... poor hubby... but my sister. I work with her.... she can be so insensitive sometimes that I want to choke her. With her though I hardly ever hold back my thoughts exception of while we are at work... outside of the office is another story in itself.


iakram - June 1

Oh yeah that's bad. Last time around when i was preggers i worked with my sister as well...boy would she get earfuls here and there! even at work! i didn't care. I snapped so bad at her one day...she finally figured out that when i'm in a bad mood that means i'm hungry! i feel bad for my family & how they have to put up with me :(


San_dee - June 1

My husband has ever only had one piece of advice that hes told other pregnant dads..... 'Dont say its cos of the hormones!!!' he learnt that one the hard way lol


knpandrews - June 5

San-dee my husband learned the hard way to. He will never say that again.... :)



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