I M Afraid I Will Not Look Pregnant

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LAUR81 - November 27

Hi Girls: I am warning you this may sound a little silly but hear me out. Ok, I am 5'2 and 175 lbs. I am not fat at all but chubby, however I carry my weight pretty well. I am afraid I will not look pregnant, only fat. I am only 6 weeks right now. I wanted to lose about 20 lbs before I got pregnant but that didnt happen. Am I being dumb? Will I look pregnant or fat???????


gabby509 - November 27

Laur, I don't think that sounds silly at all. I'm 5'2" 150 lbs and I felt the same way. And for the first 11 weeks it just looked like I was a chunky chic in clothes that were too small. My belly was too small for maternity clothes, but too big for my regular jeans, which I kinda squeezed into before I got pregnant too, haha. I just hit the 12 week mark and my belly is starting to round out. It doesn't just look like a few extra rolls around the midsection anymore. So don't worry, short girls make the cutest pregnant girls anyway. HAHA


AMBER81 - November 27

im 75 kilos and 5'4 and it wasnt untill i was 16 weeks when i actually had a bump of a half soccor then i just kept getting bigger . you will look pregnant all in good time .its just the waiting


ShoppingForTwo - November 27

Heheh LAUR81 your funny. Is this your first? If so, I think you will look chubby for like the first 3 or 4 months then when your belly gets round you will most definetly look pregnant. Don't worry :) You will have you big belly before you know it! ENJOY!


ShoppingForTwo - November 27

Gabby509, how far along are you now? Are you fitting into maternity clothes yet? If not you need to get this wonderful invention called the tummy sleve. I think its called a bella band if you buy it online. It helps you fit you normal clothes longer. Its wonderful! I wore my regular jeans unzipped and unb___toned with the bella band and it looked like I had a little Cami under my regular shirt. It's awesome.


Mel Page - November 28

Laur81 - he he he trust me you WILL look pg, maybe not so much in the beginning but as soon as that tummy starts to push forward there will be no denying that your pg. I'm 27 weeks along and yikes have I grown, I now look as if I've swollowed a big soccer ball. I also just felt chubby in the beginning, but that's normal.You can go check out my piczo site for some month to month belly shots, I started taking them at 8 weeks pg up to now, wow what a difference (melony27 dot piczo dot com). LOL Enjoy. Love Melony XxXxX



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