I M Confused As To How Far Along I Am Help Please

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newlywed0915 - October 15

Hey ladies! I got my bfp after being 25 days late, with 6 negative hpts and 1 negative blood test. I took and hpt on Saturday and got a faint positive, and took another today, with a bold positive. According to the books, and internet, I'm 8 weeks along. But I'm confused, because I got married on 9/15/07 and I'm SURE hubby and I didn't mess around before then. My last period was Aug. 20th. Doctor is thrown off because she thought that my blood work (done last week), would have shown positive, but it didn't. So I dunno... I thought I was more like 6 wks along...is it really possible that I'm 8 weeks? Also, I don't usually track my cycles because I'm irregular. My first Appt. is November 5th.


jennifer_33106 - October 15

Well it is going to be hard to tell right now. What I think might end up happening is your doctor will wait til the first u/s and get the measurements of the baby to get a better idea of your Due date. But lets say you go by the first day of your last period, you would be 8 weeks pregnant. With irregular cycles it is going to be hard to pinpoint a EDD ths way. Most online calculators go by the average 28 day cycle which is not your case. You may have had an annovulatory cycle then O'd this time around. That would explain the negative HPT's and Blood test. I think that you may have to wait til you get your u/s to get a clearer picture. I had my first at 6 weeks and your doctor may wanna confirm pregnancy this way as a blood test was not accurate last time. But regardless CONGRATS and a healthy pregnancy to you and a life time of happiness!!!


kay101 - October 15

Let's try this. When did you get your last negative?


newlywed0915 - October 16

hmmm...maybe I'm more like 6 weeks...? My last negative was the blood test on Monday, Oct. 8th. I took and hpt on the 7th.



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