I M Going Crazy And Need Answers

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nola-gal - October 22

Hi all! Congrats on your pregnancies! I tried this question on the "Signs of Pregnancy" forum, but didn't get much response. I'm wondering if there's any chance I could be pregnant, even though the tests are negative. I am 10-13 days late for my AF. Last one started September 8. Cycle usually 30-35 days. We did not use protection and had a lot of s_x. Two cheap home tests say I am not pg, but there is NO SIGN of my period. I have been having weird dreams and have been bloated for three weeks. Also had some very pink slimy mucus come out a week ago. But nothing else. I am waiting for a call from my doctor as I type this. The only thing i can think of is that I was on three kinds of antibiotics in mid-september due to a throat and bladder infection. Maybe that's made me late, or is giving me false positives? Please give me advice! When did y'all get your positives? Right away? When did symptoms show up?


Krissy25 - October 22

Even cheap tests are usually accutate that far past you period is due. Sometimes women get a little spotting during implantation, that could be what is causing the pink mucas, maybe you ovulated very late. When i was ttc, i charted so i knew exactly when i ovulated and i got my positive 9 dpo. But what i found out by doing that was that i ovulated much later than normal, so it's possible. My 1st symptoms were tender b___st, and a little cramping. The morning sickness came around 6 weeks.


nola-gal - October 22

Thanks Krissy. I just talked to my obgyn and she wants me to come in tomorrow to have blood drawn. i was expecting a "just wait a little longer and call me back if it doesn't show up" but she wants blood soon. scary! i have been having cramps for two weeks, back pain, and the dreams. the pink mucus came when my period was two days late. if it was implantation bleeding, it was a week ago to the day. when did you get your first symptoms? my mom and sister felt great all through their pregnancies. never threw up, nothing. hmmm? anyway, thanks for the response. anyone else??? cause now that the doc wants blood, i'm really going nuts!


wv_red - October 22

do the blood test!!! that is great that she wants to see you that fast, you will feel alot better knowing. If you cant stand needles just look the other way. It goes by pretty fast but its worth it. Good luck


nola-gal - October 22

oh, yeah. i'm going tomorrow afternoon. i just wonder if the medicine i was on made me ov late or gave me false negatives??? and i am definitely not aftraid of needles! no problem!


nola-gal - October 23

so i have been reading alot of medical journal articles and found that in tests done my schools like mayo clinic and tufts, false negatives were given in about 25% of hpt's! Wow! I'm going to get a blood test today. Maybe I'll be in the club! I really hope those drinks I had at a wedding the other night didn't do any harm if I am pg.



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