I M Moving To The 2nd Trimester Thank You

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RG - May 2

Well I've made it past the 1st Tri....I'm moving into the next phase! I wanted to Thank all the ladies that responded to my questions and gave advise. This is such a great site and I'm glad I found it. I'll be searching around 2nd Tri now hoping to learn more good info. Thanks again Ladies! Good Luck to All!


C - May 2

I am moving to the 2nd tri too!! This site is great-I check it out everyday...I am almost 14 wks and can't wait to really look pregnant:)


RG - May 2

C---the 2nd tri room is funny...there is a thread in there that started back in 6/04 about this young girl thinking she is pregnant and these girls 12, 13, 14, etc think they can get pregnant because their boyfriend c_m in their mouth...I just laughed so hard. I'm overweight, so looking pregnant isn't something that is going to happen soon for me, this girl I know is 10 weeks pregnant and already looking very pregnant....I cannot wait to feel the baby, i thought I did last Thursday...but not sure.


Cara - May 2

Hi RG and C-I am due 11/10 and moving to the second trimester board as well. I am so excited! Is this your first? This is mine and I worry about everything? How are you both feeling?


Steph - May 2

Hi ALL!! I will move to 2nd trimester this Friday! YEAAAA! Congrats to you all and I can't wait to see you there!


RG - May 2

Hi Cara---I'm 12w3d and feeling great. This is my first and I worried a lot early...but when I went to the doctor, I stopped worrying. You know what ever is going to happen is going to happen, it doesnt' matter if you worry or not. That's the way I'm looking at it. I haven't had ms thankfully. I'm overweight, so that's my worry, I'd love to look pregnant instead of just big. I'm sure with time I will. Hi Steph....see you there too!


TJ - May 2

RG..don't worry about the overweight issue. I am overweight and have been for quite some years. I have three children and I had two of them when I was overweight. I hit the 300lb mark with my last child (AHHHH) and delivery went great. I only gained 23 lbs. with her. I am now pg with #4 and am almost thru with my 1st trimester. Good luck and enjoy every day!!


v - May 2

Hi girls! I have hit the 13th week today too but I think I will wait until after the doc appt tomorrow and u/s on friday to be sure I am as far along as they think. I am soo excited for everyone! See you all there soon. I love this site also and have found it easier to read etc than the canadian parent website.


RG - May 2

Thanks TJ! I actually emailed the editor of this site and said it would be wonderful to get a room called "Pregnant and Overweight" on the list where they have all the options. It's hard to find people to talk to that are overweight. In one thread people were talking about how someone seemed insecure with their weight...and it's not that, I love myself and my hubby loves me too just the way I am, I'm just curious about things that are different for overweight people than not overweight. Support is great! Thanks again!


Liz - May 2

Ladies-I have one 7 year old daughter and hop to make it on to this thread very soon! You seem like a cool bunch. RG- you go girl! WHo the hell cares if your overweight. I am a commercail model/actress (size 8/10) who loses jobs to the skinny minnies. It doesn't reflect how you will raise your child. Mean people have an unkindopinion on EVERYTHING! Great luck w/ your pregnancy!


RG - May 3

Thanks Liz!



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