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tracy - August 3

hi i am 6weeks and i just went tp the dr's and they said that i am pregnant and there is a sack that is growing but no baby. they want me do go for a D&C what should i do


MM - August 3

I would wait a little while. Post this question in 2nd trimester area. I believe that I have seen simular things happen to women. There is nothing wrong with waiting a couple of weeks to be on the safe side. Then do another sono and see if anything has changed. I know i seen a post were dr told gal that no heart beat do a d&C. She chose to wait and 2 weeksish there was a heart beat. so like i said post this question in 2nd and even 3rd trimester forums. keep us posted.


brandi - August 3

not seeing the baby at six weeks is not un common it happened to me. I went back two weeks later and there was not only the baby but the heartbeat. Don't let anyone push you into something your not ready to do. If at your next appointment they still see nothing then that is probably cause for concern.


tracy - August 9

thank u for your help i went to a new dr and he did an u/s only after a week and there was still nothing but a sack and i am coming up on 8weeks. he also said that i should do a d&c. the only thing is is that the sack is growing and con. to and i havent started to bleed.and a d&c sounds alot like an aboution and i dont want to think i killed somthing. please help


To Tracy - August 9

A D&C is not like an abortion. If the sack is still growing it is likely due to the levels of hormones in your body. It was good that you waited a few weeks but now if Dr. #2 is suggesting it and they still see an empty sack... then unfortunately, a D&C is probably the healthiest thing for your body. It is not an abortion, b/c there is no fetus growing inside of it. I am so sorry for your experience Tracy! Hang in there. You will be OK in time! God Bless!


Cathy - August 10

Tracy, my doctor also said to get a d&c with my last pregnancy. I was 10 weeks, the baby measured 8 weeks with no heartbeat. I waited and went through the m/c at home. It was very painful and I ended up in the er with an emergency d&c. I am glad however that I did wait. I wasn't quite sure that the doctor was right. When I started bleeding I knew it was God's will and the baby was in fact not going to make it. You can only do what is right for you and go with your heart. If you still feel hope you can wait it out. I'm not trying to tell you what to do by any means, just sharing my experience.


Debi - August 10

Hi tracy, i'm just wondering if either of the doctors ever checked your HCG levels to see if they are rising and how quickly? I also had a m/c in April (I chose to go natural too) It was painful, but I was more afraid of the D&C then I was of the pain. I would see about getting your levels checked (if they haven't been already) then make your decision. Best of luck to you.


tracy - August 14

debi i asked my drs to check my levels but they say they dont do that and i dont know what to do. i am 9week and havent been back to the drs because i dont want to do a d&c and then find out that there was baby and they just couldnt see it. my boyfriend dosnt want me to do a d&c because it took us 4 months to get pregnant and i guess he had tryed with an other women and could not get her pregnant so he afraid that he will not be able to do it again. I also dont want to do a D&C because if i was to start to bleed i would go for it but i am just not sure



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