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scared - October 4

Im in my 6th week of pregnancy and my morning sickness is just dreadful. Im already slim anyway but now im even slimmer than i was which i hate!! Im throwing up alot and even when im not i dont feel like eating!! Im worried at the amount of weight im losing but im just totally off food!! Im also worried the baby isnt getting the nutrition it needs. Has anyone else felt so c__ppy that cant even hold food down? Ive literally eaten a bowl of soup and one slice of bread in the last few days. When will all this stop and will i put the weight back on soon? im really worried about it all.


bean - October 4

Try not to stress about it. Eat what you can, when you can. The morning sickness will pa__s with time. Don't worry about the baby not getting enough nutrition because the human body is programmed to feed the baby first, and you second. So although you may be feeling lousy and losing weight, the baby is taking nutrients from you and growing all the time. Try to stick to soups - and put in lots of veggies. Try your best to take your prenatal vitamins, and drink as much water as you can hold down. If it's truly that bad, you can talk to your dct. I know friends who were put on some sort of medication to help settle their stomachs. As for the weight, have no fear, you will definitely put it on! :)


see your doc - October 4

my cousin had the morning sickness many months and it was 24/7 literally anywhere and everywhere. She was put on something by her doc that made it more bareable and less sick and couldnt believe she waited so long to look into it. Ask your doc there are safe meds to take when pregnant even though many docs dont want you to.


scared - October 4

Thanku sooooo much you have no idea how much this site helps me. I feel better just reading what you both have said. Thanks again is much appreciated. xx


Melita - October 5

You'll make up for it in a few weeks and months. The morning sickness won't last forever, thank God! Plus as bean said, you're baby will never go without cos it always gets first serve on nutrients.



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