I Need Prayers Today PLEASE

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Nicole - August 26

I have had two m/c one last month. I am going for and ultrasound today and I would love it if I could have some support from women out there. Please keep me in your thoughts...I don't know how I will react if something is wrong.


Cathy - August 26

Nicole, You are in my thoughts and prayers, good luck to you and your little one. Keep positive thoughts (although I know it is hard) and just think of good things. We are all here for you and with you! Keep us posted.


Lu - August 26

I just said a special prayer for you. good luck


teigan - August 26

all my fingers and toes are crossed good luck, lets us all know xxxx


Nicole - August 26

Thank you so much. It is nice to have support from women that want a baby as much as I do. I think this site is very important so women came come together and help each other out with questions, feelings and support in a time of need.


Erin - August 26

good luck nicole, you a are in my prayers


Ali - August 26

I am sending prayersyour way, hopefully positive energy helps!


Tamisha - August 26

Nicole, hopefully by now you have had good results to your ultrasound. Let us know how it went.


Nicole - August 27

I had my ultrasound and I feel better but not great. They think I am farther along than I thought 6 weeks....which means it happened the first time we were together after my D&C. They saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac but no heartbeat. He said it might be a little early to see the heartbeat sometimes you can and sometimes you can't. I think I am more like 5 weeks 4 days so I am trying to be optimistic. They will do another ultrasound next week. Thanks for all your prayers and positive thoughts it really does help.


laura - August 28

nicole you'll do fine what-ever happens the lord is with you. Keep your faith and know it will be alright. No matter what the sittuation. The lord knows what you need, intrust in him that. You'll be just fine.


Stacey - August 28

hi Nicole, sorry to hear about your mc last month and am definitely praying for you that all goes well w/ultrasound. I'm new to this site as i just found out this morning that i was pregnant. both my husband and i are very excited as this will be our first and we've been married 1.5 yrs. today i've been kind of scared & have been taking it easy as i hear so many stories about how one has to be so careful the first few months. we plan on going to dr. this week. hang in there and know that God will never put more on you than you can bea!r


Tiff - August 28

I just said a prayer for you. Good luck sweetie!


Karen - August 28

Nicole - thinking of you and hoping that your prayers are heard....and it is true that not everyone will see a heartbeat at 6 weeks and if you think you are a few days shy of what they are dating you - then all you need is just a few more good days of baby growth and then you'll have that precious heartbeat - take care of yourself and remember positive thinking is much healthier for you and baby! :o) Best of luck...



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