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ARD - November 13

Hi ladies. Well, I am pg with #2 and I am almost 11 weeks and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO sick. I can't keep a whole lot down....I'm depressed....I can barely take care of my 16 mth old (my dh works nights, so its me fending for myself and my daughter on top of puking and feeling terrible)....I am so light headed, and sleepy all the time, and just feel like I'm going to throw up all the time. I was like this with my 1st pregnancy, but of course I didn't have a child to take care of then. I could go home and sleep and not worry about taking care of anyone but me. My mother-in-law has been coming over almost every night to give my dd dinner and a bath. I'm so sad that I can barely take care of my own child. I'm just so upset about this whole morning sickness thing....I've been sick since week 6 and I feel its getting worse. Any words of encouragement??


HeatherIsHopeful - November 13

aww, Im sorry you feel so crummy, on the plus side the second trimester is coming fast and they say the m/s will decrease significantly... of course you know your body better than anyone else so if you don't see it going away anytime soon maybe talk to your doc and see if they can help. don't feel bad about you DD you are doing everything you can and now you do need to think of you new LO also you mother-in-law is very kind for helping out. I know you feel like you aren't taking care of you DD enough but you are and soon it will all pa__s you you'll be a great mommy to 2 kiddies :) hang in there girly.. you can do it!


ARD - November 13

Thank you so much Heather for your kind words...made me tear up a bit. I'm so emotional and just depressed about the whole thing. I've lost about 11 lbs. so far and it freaks me out. Thank you again for making me feel better.


Michela - November 14

Don't worry ARD, or feel bad about not being the mommy you want to be to yuor DD right now!! I am preg with my first and I am 31 weeks, and I was REALLY sick and depressed at the beginning of my pregnancy. I had ALL DAY sickness from 9 weeks to 6 1/2 months!!! It was all I could do to get out of bed, crawl down the stairs and make it to he couch, let alone feel that c___ppy and have another little one to care for!! I give you a lot of credit. I was a little depressed when I was sick too, but now that I am over the sickness, I think the depression was just the hormones raging and puking made me feel bad emotionally too cause I felt like I wasn't getting food to the baby. I lost 16lbs while I was sick, but one day it just pa__sed, and now I feel soooo much better in all aspects and the baby is just fine. I am sure your mother- in - law loves spending time with your DD and I am sure your DD will be or is soooo excited about becoming a big sister, and that will all be because of you. You are giving your family a great gift!! It is unfortunate we have to suffer through the sickness, but you can do it. Just know that there are other people (like me) who feel or felt just like you are feeling now. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions of being pregnant, good and bad!! We don't have to be happy about being prego all the time, we are ent_tled to not enjoy it if we don't want to. Sometimes I think women are expected to be on cloud 9 their entire pregnancy, but when you are sick and sad, it is just not that easy. It is a huge sacrifice we are making of our bodies, but the reward at the end will be soooo wonderful!! Hang in there, and know I feel for you, but I promise it will get better, don't feel guilty, you are being a great mom just by worrying!!! Hugs!!!


kendra.marie - November 14

omg ARD. i love you momma =] your doing a fair job. dont worry yourself. your being a great mom. dont worry. oh the joys of what i have to look forward too. this saturday is my 19th bday & my daughter will be 15 months & i will be 7 weeks pregnant. oh the joys hehe. remember you can be a mother but its harder now with a child to raise & being the toilets best friend. no worries hunni. you should be normal soon =]



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