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Tiffany - September 24

I am almost 6 weeks pregnant with my first. My husband and i dont really know how to tell his parents. I was pregnant before 6 months ago and when we told them that we were expecting we got a lecture from his father saying that we are to young and not responsible enough (we are both 21). Not once did we hear congrat from them or did they seem the least bit excited. We lost that baby and now i am pregnant again. I really dont know how to tell them and we really dont want to but there going to knwo sooner or later. It just makes me so sad to think of how much THEY dont want us to have a baby. We are both very mature for our ages and will make good parent. Does anyone know how we can tell them and not get a lecture about how the timing isnt right or c__p like that?


bean - September 24

Just out of curiosity - how were they when you got married? Did you also get lectures about being young or were they elated? I think it's terrible that you're married and they lecture you about being too young. Doesn't the fact that you're married naturally mean you may have children? I don't have any advice... other than realize that you, too, are adults and don't have to take their c___p. Just tell them in any way you see fit (we gave my parents a kid's book about grandparents to read to their grandchild and a card saying congratulations). If they start giving you a lecture, firmly tell them you disagree with them, yet they are ent_tled to their opinions, however, you'd prefer they kept those negative opinions to themselves. Be strong - the more confident and firm you are about it, the more they'll see you as an adult and start respecting you.


Tiffany - September 24

ty for the advice. Yes we got the lecture about being to young. lol wow your good!


To Tiffany - September 25

I just turned 22 and am preggo with my first my husband is 23. When we told his parents we also got the lecture (the same one we got 2 yrs ago when we got married). I just try to concentrate on our happiness and hope that they eventually come around. I think once the baby comes theyll be so excited theyll stop lecturing hopefully! We told them 3 weeks ago (Im 10 weeks) and they seem to be coming along a little. So I know thats not too much help for you but just so you know you arent the only one out there who gets the 2 young speech. Hope it helps.


M - September 26

Hi Tiffany,maybe you should wait a little before you tell them.Yes they will find out sooner or later but why not make it later?You dont need alot of stress in the first trimester..i didnt tell my parents until i was 12wks i wasnt sure how they would react.They are excited but my point is pregnancy is 40wks there is no rush to tell them in the first 10!GOODLUCK and keep us posted.


Tiffany - September 28

Well we told his mom today. We got the 500 questions of how are you going to afford it? ( My husband is going into the military he leaves Oct. 17) Your to young and all that other c___p. Not even a congrats or the slightest bit of happiness. We feel like were the only ones who are so excited and really want this baby! I have already fell in love with it and i am only 6 1/2 weeks!


bump - September 29



Congratulations.. - September 29

Huge hug to you. Tiff.. This is the most exciting time in a young couples life . first comes love... then marrage ..., then a baby in a baby carrage.. I think your on the right track. we cant pick our inlaws only put up with them. kinda married into it.. It will take them awhile hon ,but dont worry I am sure they will step up and be really good to the baby. Did you ask them when they had there first baby. better yet, give them the link to this site. If they want to see F***ked up people making bad choices this is deffinalty a site to see. I had my first when i was 20 , second when i was 22, third when I was 24 and now 37 and pregnant with my 4th. being a young mother was so cool. I grew up with them,, had so much patience and wouldnt have dont it any other way..there now 15 14 and 12. excited that i am pregnant again. looking forward to the birth of there new sis/bro.. you must be due in may also? congrats again.......... dont stress out ok about money or anything , things have a way of working themselves out. no more xmas/birthday/ presents for mom and dad in law..save the money for the baby..besides you can make all the baby food now. its easy.. they can eat everything you can just in mush form, and b___st feed as long as you can, it will save on diapers and milk.....good luck......


to Congratulation - September 29

I really appreciate what you said and that helps me so much. TY for being so kind. Tiffany.


Ashley - September 29

I second Congratulation's advice on nursing, baby food, ect! :) I've been married 15 months and I'm 5 months preggo so sometimes it's kinda scary. My dh's boss said the most expensive part of a baby was formula!! I have crazy idea, too, that if I mash up what I normally eat to feed to my baby, maybe I can train the taste buds to like my food? lol


your welcome - September 29

Advice is free if you are going to use your own food to feed your babies. start with rice cereal , mix in a bit of fruit. youll know what agrees with baby, bananas is most agreeable. to make apple sauce. just nuk the apple cut in small chunks and mash or blend. same with peaches .pears. kiwi. etc..anything in season is the best...you can freeze these in ice cube trays and have it on hand, most of your (Adult) foods contain salt. try to not cook with any salt.. good luck to both of you. glad to help..hugs.. Jenn


oops - September 29

mix water with the fruit.. little bit.. i left that out sorry..


Mitch - September 29

Oh, brother. That's kind of late for a lecture when you're already pregnant. Plus it's none of their business if you're over 21. Sheesh. Just enjoy this pregnancy and the child with your fun, young husband!



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