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Nadine - November 18

I know Im just being weiny (hormones) but I am only 5 weeks pregnant and the wait to find out the s_x of my baby is killing me!!! I just can't wait, I keep thinking, buy blue, buy pink???? I keep trying to guess too, thinking" motherly intuition, I will be right" damn, do I really have to wait until 20 weeks??????? Please any help (relief) appreciated ;-(


hi - November 18

You could guess you have a 50/50 chance of being right,lol.If your in a mood to shop why not buy yellow and green ??Goes for either s_x.Good Luck :)


mama-beans - November 18

If you can afford it, an amnio can tell you the s_x of the child. It is dangerous, as amnois have caused miscarriage, and you are BARELY pregnant ( the "fetus" is only 3 weeks old at this point). But an amnio can find that out for you.


*sunny* - November 19

Need vs Want!!! Think about it, as long as you get through the pregnancy and you have a helathy baby at the end of it, does it truly matter what gender it is?? We chose not to find out at our ultrasound, and have been buying minimal unis_x stuff to get us through the first few weeks after the baby is born, whatever it is, boy or girl, it will be a blessing ;)


TF - November 19

I hate to sound negative but you shouldn't be thinking about this just yet, right now you should be focused on getting through the first 12 weeks. I'm sure you will, and once you are past that point you can start focusing on these types of things. Good luck to you and be patient.


Nadine - November 20

I know that I don't really NEED to know, I said I am just really really curious!!!! I am focused on being healthy and taking it easy but sittin around makes me think about it a lot... i was just venting!


Shell - November 21

Nadine - you be as excited as you like!! Don't let others dampen your enthusiasm - we were busting to know too with our first.. a baby boy! Many people criticised us for "spoiling" the surprise and finding out but we were happy to and we could name our son and speak to him 5 months before he joined us! Good luck!!


crystal - November 22

hey there...this sound stupid but i have found out the s_x of my child by the chinese gender calendar. NOT THE CHINESE LUNAR CLAENDAR. it is 97% correct. it was right with my son andn right with sisters 5 kids....and many many more. search on internet for chinese gender calendar. might be a little help. i am on 2nd pregnancy, says boy again....so i am very excited. i already have name picked out and all. Oliver...and if girl Violet. Only 7 weeks....LOLOL...BE EXCITED!!! Dont let anyone poop on your parade!


Tess - November 22

Sometimes you can find out sooner....like 16 wks. But Im guessing most Drs. would suggest between 18-20wks. Goodluck to you!



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