I Need To Poo

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heather - October 17

h__lo girls I seem to be having a big problem I cant go poo. this is my 2nd child and im 6 1/2 weeks preggo and for about 2 weeks I have't been able to go to the bathroom? I can go a little but not much (sorry for the tmi) is there anything that is safe to take to help me go to the bathroom?? if so please let me know i'm willing to try anything.. thank you again. bye..


Alex - October 17

Try drinking metamucil at night before bed. Also, prunes and prune juice may help.


val - October 17

Try eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and prunes are great for that if you like them. Also fruit juice. After all that, I still can't go much, but a little is better than nothing. If none of this helps, ask your dr of any specific medicines you can take. I was told stool softeners are okay, but I don't know what brands/types are okay...I didn't ask because I am not going to use them. As long as I am going a little every week I am fine with that.


heather - October 17

thank you ladies I will try all of the remidies that your saying .. one of them have to work.. is apples good to help you go??


Jay - October 17

Citrucel and Benefiber are okay by my OB. Lots of water with these though.


lucy - October 18

yes, fruit like apples are good for fiber. avoid white bread and other starchy stuff.


Anne - October 19

Drink lots of water.


Ca__sie - October 20

Raisin Bran has always helped me and I'm 32 weeks along right now.


michelle - October 20

I was very bad and my dr. told me to take milk of magneisa. I took it once, I has alot of gas. But I have bben fine ever since. keep in mind that your digestion is much slower now. Eat more often in smaller portions. I try to eat the same as I did before and I pay the price. Its worth it....Good Luck


Tiffany - October 20

I was told to take a stool softener named Peri-Colace..theres a generic one at Kmart that you can get too. It works pretty good.


J - October 20

Hi, I am 33 weeks and about 3 weeks I was really constipated. Do you have a place around your house that makes smoothies, like Jamba Juice or anything like that? I went to Jamba Juice and I got a smoothie that had blueberries in it and then I got a fiber booost. I went for about three days and the first day it helped a little bit and the second it was 100% better. So whenever I am a little clogged up, I just get a smoothie. Hope that helps!


heather - October 21

thank you ladies. i hope this dosnt last forever. i dont think i could handle it .. well thanks agin .. have a good day...


Lyd - October 22

I was really constipated. Now, at 8 weeks, it is getting a little better. I started doing a yoga video at night and think it really helped.



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