I NEED YOUR HELP IN MY Constipation Problem

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information - May 24

HI, i have this problem : Constipation and i am drinking a lot of water but i am not feeling good and i also had medicine(metamucil) and juice but no result. plz help i had pain in the morning because of the constipation. I am in 11week and don't feel to eat anything. plz give some tips what should i do.......i really need help


information - May 24

thanks!! U are saying your dr. prescribe that medicine to u but my dr. prescribe me metamucil and i don't today is my first day that i took this medicine as a fiber form and nothing happen yet. And really prune juice is sucks!!!....i don't know that we don't suppose to take laxatives.


Pennie - May 24

Yeah he wrote out a prescription but when I went to fill it they said I could just buy it over the counter. Are you still taking your prenantals?


jena - May 24

i am 12 weeks pregnant but have had this problem for the last 8 years since I've been on anti-depressants, so it's actually not much worse for me! I'd go 14 days without a bowel movement. These are my tricks (from experience): 1) enemas are great. the idea is gross, yes, but if it gets that bad, you'll try anything. you shouldn't get addicted to them but once in a while to clear yourself out and get the pain away is okay. 2) suppositories didn't really work for me, but they do for others. just hold it in as long as you can. 3) for some reason, and this isn't proven anywhere, for me, drinking lots of diet coke works. i know it's bad when you are pregnant - but so is being in so much pain from constipation that you can't move! if I drink about 48oz of diet coke (preferrably with ice and a straw - you know, McDonalds or whatever), I usually go that night. I don't know why it works but it does! Good luck - those medicines that have fiber in them - never worked for me. Also, sitting on the toilet and reading for up to an hour can help you by using gravity to your advantage. It hurts I know - feels like pa__sing a pineapple! :( Good luck and hope you can go soon! :)


information - May 24

Wow!! jena that's great .. I mean diet coke i don't belive it.. as long as something work then never think is it good or bad. Pennie still i am taking my prenantals.For how long u can stop them u have to have get out from your constipation problem.. These vitamins are good for baby which is our future...............................


Pennie - May 24

information- I had a doctors appt. yesterday and they said it was okay to skip on the prenantal since I am 11 weeks and past most of the major developement. As long as I eat healthy I shouldn't have to worry. Jena- what kind of anti-depressents are you on? I have notice with mine too that they back me up so I only take them every other day to 2 days. Cigarettes used to help me go but that is out of the question now. I've been nevervous to try an enima.


Heidi - May 24

I had/have the same problem. Smoking would help move things along but I quit that of course. Believe it or not, but a good strong cup of coffee in the morning will definately move things along for me! Works every time!


jena - May 24

YES, coffee helps too! I totally forgot that one because I'm not supposed to ever have coffee... oops :). About the anti-depressants - I was on Wellbutrin XL - and I went off it when ttc (stayed on another but was able to ditch this one) and started pooping! It was GREAT! I hadn't attributed the constipation to Wellbutrin, but constipation is a major symptom of many anti-depressants. I have had much better luck with Celexa, which my Dr. also said was okay during pregnancy. It's funny - I took my own advice today and had Diet Coke - a couple hours later I was so happy I had!!! GL girls :)


Robyn - August 14

Hello, I know how you feel. I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been going once every five days or so which makes me really feel sick. I have been taking Colace brand stool softeners at night but it has not worked. I just called my doctor and he told me to get a Fleet brand enima. Also, he told me to take Colace brand stool softeners - one in the morning and two at night before I go to bed. He also said to drink A LOT of water!!!! Good luck to you and maybe this will work.


stacey - August 14

I used Milk of Magnesia and it worked within minutes...I also read in some of the pregnancy books that it's safe..


p. - August 14

I've been using black licorice. Works like a charm to keep me regulated.


Beth - August 14

Drink 1/2 cup of warm prune juice a day. This really helps. Eat high fiber cereal and bread. Aunt Millies heart health bread (I think that's the name) has 5 grams of fiber per piece of bread. Also....this may sound gross, but it really helps. When you need to have BM put small amount of lubricating jelly just inside your a__s, it lubricates the area and allows the bm to come out much easier. I had a terrible time with constipation and these things really helped. Good lucK.



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