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heather - April 8

i have a question for all women who are in the end of there first trimester! all of a sudden yesterday...i sufferfrom a anxiety attack which lead into this morning and all day is that normal? im so anxious and it feels like im breathing out of a straw


no name - April 8

are you actually having trouble catching your breath to relax or you just feel like your throat is cloogged? i suffer from them too, and if you know what caused it, like thinking about something bad( which is my case) all it takes is recognizing that and i can calm down. it took a long time to be able to do that though.my first preg. i had it real bad and didnt know why and i went to a pulmonary specailist and everything seemed fined, i was just nervous about my preg. one doctor explained to me that sometime things bother you and you just dont know it because it goes to a certain part of your brain( sounds funny i know) once i figured out what gets me worried alot. it was easier for me to deal with anxiety attacks. but i get them where i actually cant catch my breath, and getting my mind off of it is the only thing that is going to make it go away. i find rubbing my palms together works. you need to just do something. as long as you sit there and wonder about it it wont go away but get worse. get up and move around. and stay away from soda. that will add to it and make you more jittery.


Heidi - April 8

She's right. I have the same problems. I got to a point where I knew why I was having the anxiety attacks but your brain tricks you into giving you new symptoms and you can't control them. I wouldn't be stressed and all of a sudden I would get one and my doc said your mind has a way of masking the problem but yet you still have the anxiety. If it's really bad, ask your doc if you can see a therapist to help deal with the anxiety before taking pills. They are very annoying and scary. I worry about having them in public all the time. I found that getting fresh air, drinking cold water, sucking on ice cubes, can help bring me out of an anxiety attack pretty quickly. You just need to realize that that's all that's happening and nothing else. I always thought I had a heart problem and my doc was like, nope, anxiety attack. After he said that they went away for about a year and then they manifested another way and I had to find a new way to deal with them. Your mind can really play tricks on you. Another thing is when you start to hyperventilate, try breathing into the cuff of your shirt if you're in public or your jacket. Same effect as the paper bag deal. I've had it work and nobody knew I was having an attack. They just thought my nose was cold!


.... - April 8

i have had these too. for most of my life and pregnancy made them worse. If i was in public i would just excuse myself and go to the washroom, and sit until i calmed down. I know this sounds crazy, but sing a little song to yourself, or better yet, to your baby. It doesn't have to be loud, but enough to distract yourself. Good luck



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