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Liz - May 16

I am 7 weeks pregnant, and morning sickness has only happened to me about 3 times before. It's my first pregnancy. Today it is so bad that I cant even take a sip of water and my stomach and throat hurt so much from throwing up its unbelievable. I have my first prenatal appt. in one more week. How can I stop this?


jena - May 16

you might want to talk to your doctor about a safe medicine to help you feel better. besides your feeling miserable, it's not good for your baby when you aren't able to keep things down. in the meantime, though, try eating really small bits of food frequently (I know, it sounds easier than it is!!) and eating before you go to bed. Things like crackers, bread, and even a little peanut b___ter can help. There are some herbal supplements other people swear by - I just don't know what they are. OH! Try getting a sea-sickness band to wear on your wrist - silly, maybe, but it's worth it, I know! Mine started around 6.5 weeks, slowed at 9, and just came back at 11! Good luck and never feel like you can't call your doctor! Actually, do that - give them a call today - it's important for you to feel your best. Good luck :)


Liz - May 16

Thanks Jena... I will do that. I've heard good stuff about them crackers. Geez, it's so bad when I throw up I pee in my pants! Too much info I know, but I can't control it. Anyway, good luck to you too! =)


Louise - May 16

Liz: You poor thing. Try crackers and anything containing ginger. Ginger ale, ginger tea (decaf.), ginger candy. I'm sick as well but not nearly as bad as you. Ginger and crackers seems to do it for me. Good luck and feel better!


nelly - May 16

i experienced the same thing starting right at my 7th week and i could not keep anything down not even water and my doctor gave me a prescription for nausea but mine was so bad i couldnt hold it down either and i suffered from vomiting and nausea for 12 weeks i vomited 3 to 4 times aday on regular intervals and this is what i did when i was hungry or thirsty i would suck on ice and when i was able eat i would try crackers and only drink water and i would suck on jolly ranchers i would still vomit but puking up water isnt anywhere near as bad as that yellow bile. and the sickness went away on its own but i hear they hve stronger meds to take that work better than what i had and you really need to tell the doc so he can fix you up.


Kat - May 17

My doctor recommended Emetrol (at Walmart or any drug store) for nausea. I started taking it and it helped tremendously. Of course, I would check with your doctor before taking any medication, but my doc. said this is the only medicine he recommends for nausea while pregnant. I paid $8.99 per bottle.


Liz - May 17

thanks girls. Today I feel a little worse since I'm sore all over from vomitting so much. I'm "eating" ice cubes & crackers just like Nelly. But I'm hungry!! It's sad because the only thought of food brings back that sour feeling..... I definetely look forward to talking to my doctor next monday, I just have to make it through the rest of this week!



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