I Really Want A Bath

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reneenay - September 28

Hi ladies, I am almost 7 weeks now and am starting to feel really c__ppy. I have a tinge of morning sickness...not really nauseous, just not feeling that great all around. I kind of have chills and food just doesn't sound all that great right now. I am achy, have head aches, and am tired too. I could really use a nice, relaxing bath...but I am of course aware that if it's too hot that's bad news. How can I tell what the best temp is? I could really use something a little warmer than luke-warm, if it's okay. I know it's not the most important question in the world, but I could use some friendly advice. Thanks!


sarah21 - September 28

They say baths and showers should be at 100 degrees. I say why bother with a bath then. I would say just don't stay in very long.


sarah21 - September 28

Okay I am eating my words. A crazy woman at my Dr.'s office told me that but I looked it up and baths are fine because a lot of your body is out of the water. Just monitor and make sure your body temperature doesn't go above 102 degrees.


reneenay - September 28

Thanks, Sarah. I can't wait to slip into that bath!


kay101 - September 28

The doctors say hot baths are fine as long as your body temp doesn't go above 102. Most hot tubs are at 104, and the jets circulate the water keeping it hot. In a hot tub, your temp would reach that in about 10 minutes. The advantage of a hot bath is that more of your upper body is out of the water, which helps keep your temperature cooler. The bath water also starts to cool off as soon as you shut the faucet off.


Cevvin - September 29

Here is a tip, If you go to any store that has baby items. You might find those floating ducks with the temperature gage on the bottom. Great for babies, great for pregnant moms. And if you really want to relax for awhile, take a thermometer with you and check every few minutes! Good Luck, and congratulations!!!


Tory1980 - September 29

Hot baths are fine. Hot tubs are out as are saunas as your tmperature rises too quickly and it takes longer to lower your temp again. I have had hot baths with all my pregnancies and often it is the only way to get any relief from the aches and pains of your body gonig through all the changes - plus it's a brilliant stress reliever, headache curer!


January - September 29

I agree with Tory, I'm currently 32wks. I took hot baths with my son when I was pregnant with him 11yrs ago and I've taken hot baths with this one. You aren't going to be in there long enough to raise your core body temp to 102.


kay101 - September 29

If you are still worried, another thing that works is filling up the tub BEFORE you get in. If you sit in the tub as it fills up, your body gets used to the heat and the water doesn't seem as hot because the temperature has increased gradually, where as just jumping in is more of a shock. That way you can probably make the water not AS hot, but it will seem quite warm when you get in since your body isn't used to it.


Happymommy - September 30

Hi--You've already gotten a lot of good answers, but thought I'd reiterate. Like January said, you will not be in the tub long enough to raise your core body temp. A friend of mine who is a doc once told me that you would naturally not let your core temp raise too high b/c you'd be so uncomfortable that you would not stay in long enough. So, like a lot of other things, I think that our bodies naturally take care of themselves and protect our growing baby. So go ahead and take a relaxing bath!


wantanotheraftertr - October 2

I still sit in the hot tub I just keep it about 99-100 and only stay in 1 cycle 15-20 min. I also have been told just don't get your temp higher than 101 for more than 10 min. keeping the hot tub cooler really works as when the temp stays even it feels great!


fefer1 - October 9

If you get too hot - the water is too hot. You're just not supposed to overheat your body. I think you could even do a hot tub - but I get too hot in them. It's all about keeping the body temp below what everyone else has already said.



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