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Saved - November 6

I say the post that jodie started and thought it was great-really touching. Personally, I need to thank God for my life as it is today. In the summer of '03 I was on drugs, no goal, no direction. All my friends were druggies too. Nobody to talk to seriously about wanting to make changes. I thought that suicide was my only way out. I became depressed and wrote my good byes and was in my tub with my blade, and I started to cry. I began to pray to God, I told him that I wanted so much to love my life but that I couldn't with the way that it was. I needed change, I wanted to be "normal" and have a good life. I stayed there for a long time. then got out and called a suicide hotline and talked to a guy named "John." He told me that if I thought that talking to God helped me then to stick to it-"make it my new backbone." And that is what I did. I haven't done any drugs since the summer of 03. even quit smoking cigs cold turkey-it was so hard getting clean. I lost all my friends, now I see for the best. A few months later, I met my now husband (who is a Godsend) and we have a son and I am pregnant again. Also, I am in my 3 year of college getting my RN. I thank God everyday, and pray for him to watch over us. And I know he does-I am proof of that...just wanted to share.


Alycia - November 6

What a wonderful story... thank you for sharing it. God bless you.


Renee - November 6

May God continue to bless you and watch over you all the days of your life.


Pepsi - November 6

I just found out that I am pregnant...wow, I can say that. I KNOW it was nothing but the grace of God because doctors told me that pg wasn't possible. He is awesome and all powerful. He is love and I will praise Him all the days of my life!


*** - November 7

Wow, what an amazing few years you have been through. Good for you!!!


saved - November 7

thanks ladies, it has been an awesome few years-good luck to you all!!


Mindy - November 7

Isn't God so awesome!! What a wonderful testimony you have to tell others about this wonderful God that can save us all. People get too caught up in their live to even acknowledge that we even have a God, if only they would cry out to Him also. Thankyou for telling us about what He has done for you!!



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