I Ve Become A Very Light Sleeper Help

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Lily - April 7

I'm about 7 weeks preggers now. And it's a joy, besides for feeling dog tired all the time. My problem is no longer with nausea or food, but my sleep schedule. I've done almost everything I can think of to get proper sleep. YET, my husbands snoring, even just his movements during his sleep will wake me up! Now he says he doesn't mind sleeping on the couch, and that's cool. But if it happens more than twice a night, I'm awake. And completely unable to get back to sleep. Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? Any suggestions or advice would be great. Thanks in advance.


susie - April 7

Yeah im the same... i cant get a good nights sleep at all. im 9weeks pregnant. any little thing wakens me, plus im always getting up in all hours of the morning to go to the loo for wee aswell and tht isnt like me. I just usually give my boyfriend a kick or 2 and it stops him snoring but whn i actually get back over to sleep he starts again. so i just give up, i try to get a few hours kip when he is out at work... hope everything works out for you and if you find any advice on how to sleep better let me know. e-mail me at: [email protected] love susie x


Liz - April 7

I remember when I preg. EVERYONE kept telling me "sleep now since you won't for again for a very loooong time." It drove me nuts since I wasn't sleeping well at all. I slept in a separate room a few times just to try to catch up on lost sleep. Good luck!


To Lily - April 8

Same here... I am 10 weeks... It started arounf 8 week and since then.... This is my second preg and I can not sleep in night from 12 to 4 or 1 to 3... My husband also snoring so he decided to sleep in other room with my toddler girl but stills something? I don't know why? Because of less sleep I am so sick that I have cold and flu and I have to work because there is a dead line and I am not feeling good at all. I do take vitamin but no difference. Anyway I wish I could sleep strong 8 hours so I fell batter. If you find anything related this please post on thsi site so every boday can see... Good luck and good luck me...


Carol - April 8

Check with your doctor first, but my doctor told me that I could take tylenol pm or unisom. I think I saw this somewhere else in the safe drugs. I have taken it a couple times and it has really helped. I still wake up to pee and stuff, but I get a deeper sleep. However, by 5:00 everyday, I am still dog tired. NO energy to do anything but lay on the couch and watch tv.....


Livvie - April 9

Its def. a mind thing. You are anxious. I get this around finals or when work is stressful. I actually cant sleep sometimes just because I am worried about not sleeping. I just oufn out that tow of my coworkers share this problem as well as a cla__smate of mine. I confided in my mom who told me to join the club cause her averge sleep is 3-5 hours on and off. Its all in the mind ladies.. its the baby excitement. The best thing is to try not to think! :)


MG - April 10

Don't feel bad about sending dh to the couch. If it means getting a good night's sleep a couple of times a week, go for it. It you REALLY feel guilty, try sleeping on the couch yourself. I did that, and it really helped. If he offers though, it's because he wants to. You and the baby are more important than which bed (or couch) he sleeps on.


Sara - April 13

Just found out I'm prego and haven't been sleeping for 2 weeks or so. I blamed it on the time change! I guess it's nature's way of preparing us for sleepless nights. I mean look at the time I posted....and I been awake for an hour!


Lily - April 13

Hey Ladies, thanks for responding. I've talked with a doctor and my mother. I've been advised not to use drugs, but try calming techniques, like yoga and aromatherapy. Which is cool. I've been using Lavender linen spray. And it's been working like a dream! I spray a little on my pillow about 3 hours before bed and I get a lot deeper sleep. I also found a lotion from Healing Gardens, called "un-stress" lotion. It's in a small bottle, and it's applied to your temples, behind the ears and back of your neck. That works too. I've also started a__sociating the bedroom only with sleeping, if I can help it. Usually I'd fold laundry in the bedroom, now I fold it on the livingroom sofa. And I've started going for swims every other day at the clubhouse pool in our apartment complex. Good Luck Ladies. I hope my discovers help you a little!!! Sweet Dreams!


Heidi - April 13

I had this problem too up until about 10 weeks. Then I started sleeping more soundly and longer again. Otherwise I was a mess. I'd toss and turn and my fiance snored and it woke me up all the time and I was just restless and I'd be dog tired for work the next day. It will get better though once you're out of your first trimester. It did for me anyway.



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