I Want An Ultrasound

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jal239 - November 26

I will be 10 weeks on Wed. I was recently released from my fertility dr to my regular ob. I have had 2 mcs this year. My ob office makes you meet w/ a maternal nurse before meeting with the drs. When i spoke to the nurse she said I won't have an ultrasound until I am 18 weeks. Don't you think that since this is the first time the my regular ob will see me and considering what I have been through they would want to do an US? I find this to be crazy. By that time they will probably be able to tell me the s_x of the baby. I am even willing to pay out of pocket for an ultrasound if I have to. I am meeting with the drs on thurs. so I will really stress my concerns about this. Can anyone tell me what the normal schedule is for having ultrasounds done. Since I concieved through IUI my fertility dr was doing ultrasounds every week till he released me. I haven't had one in quite a few weeks and I am obviously scared that somethign could be wrong. We have already heard and saw the heartbeat, which people have told me that is a big step. I am just scared to death. thanks


ShoppingForTwo - November 26

I know excatly how you feel. Is your pregnancy considered high risk? If you just want a scan to see if anything is wrong then I would advise against it. If something is wrong, the doctors can't save the baby this early, and if everything is fine that DAY, that just means things are good that SECOND, ya know? I get a lot of u/s because I'm high risk but they only make me feel better that day. After you leave that doctors office there is no gaurentees (sp).


HeatherIsHopeful - November 26

Jal239 I know what you mean.. this is my first pregnancy and the nurse I saw told me I would have a u/s till 16-20 weeks!!! I almost screamed at her. I have an appt on Wednesday and Im going to do anything and everything to get a scan or something. I havent even heard the heartbeat yet or anything.. Im going crazy! I do agree with Shoppingfortwo though, as I usually do lol... they can only help so much.. I just want one to let me know things are okay then I can wait till 16-20 weeks no problem, or at least hear the heartbeat or something... this is a stressful time but we'll make it :)


HeatherIsHopeful - November 26

grr, typos lol... the nurse told me I WOULDNT have a u/s till 16-20 weeks... :)


ShoppingForTwo - November 26

You can tell them you want the nuchal translucency scan. (sp) Its given at about 12 weeks and it checks the baby and measures the skin on the back of the baby's neck to check for down syndrome. Couldn't hurt to ask and it's a very vaild reason.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 26

I totally doing that S42 I have an appt on wednesday and Im going to MAKE them give me a u/s or something lol..


nola-gal - November 26

are you in the us or somewhere else? my doc is giving me one ina week, at seven weeks i think. but this is mainly because we have no idea when i conceived. i haven't had a period since sept. 8, and the positive didn't come around till november 2, after several negatives, incl blood. so i think she's just doing one to see where we are. but we're lucky these days! my mom said you only got ultrasounds in the 70's and 80's if the doc suspected something wrong. most women never got them! it's kind of like, how did we ever live without cell phones??? you know! don't stress! i'm sure everything's fine. and like they said, knowing something is wrong this early won't really give you any power to stop it, which sucks.


princess13 - November 26

Well i am only 5w5d pregnant, i have had two miscarriages this year also. I am telling them i want an ultrasound at 8 weeks. I know what everyone is saying, that it only makes you feel safe for a short period of time. But if it makes you feel better for anytime i would do it. I think it is normal practise to have a scan at 18 weeks?? here in New Zealand it is anyway, unless like shopppingfortwo said you have a nuchal trans scan. Try to stay happy and calm for the baby anyway, try not to stress. Good luck


EricaG - November 26

The reason they don't plan on giving you an ultrasound until 18 weeks along is because it wouldn't help anything. Like Shoppingfortwo said, they can't do anything to keep you from losing the baby and even if the ultrasound shows the baby is fine, it doesn't mean that you couldn't miscarry just a few days later. At 18 weeks they will check the baby's development, anything before that, unless on an emergency basis (for example extreme pain, possible ectopic pregnancy, or bleeding) is unnecessary and can even foster false hope. I've heard of many people who see the heartbeat on the scan at 8 weeks and then miscarry 2 weeks later or so. I would say just wait until 18 weeks.


Faye84 - November 27

No ultrasound until 18 week!!! i wouldnt last that. Although I heard that is very common. I would think that they would let you have one though seeing as you have already had two miscarriage. My only advise for you would be to beg for one. good luck, let us know if you get one!



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