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Dani - April 21

I just found out I'm pregnant (3 1/2 to 4 wks) and I want to share the news with everyone, but not sure when the right time is??? I've heard you should wait 3 months before telling anyone, because of any possible complications that can go wrong in the first 10 wks. Somebody please help me!!!!!!!!


Kathy - April 21

I know the feeling.. I have told family (my husband can't keep a secret). But I am holding off on telling work. I think it's just easier that was that way you don't have to go into personal detail about why your were prego and then why you aren't if anything happens..


Kat - April 21

I think it's completely up to you! Some people say it's best to wait "in case something happens" but one of the things that I read not long ago that I really liked was that if something does happen, you have a strong support system and don't have to go through it alone. We are not telling our two young children or my husbands mother because she gets confused easily and it would be hard to explain to these three if something were to happen. But we have told our very close friends and family. As much as I want to tell every person I casually talk with at work, I am refraining from doing that. Next week I will be at 12 weeks - at that point I want to shout it from the rooftops! Good luck to you!


j - April 22

Dani, I was trying to be cautious at first and just tell my mom and dad, but then I got to excited and we told just about everybody. I am 9weeks now. I think its alot more fun when people know and its fun to talk about....GOOD LUCK!!!


J - April 22

I think it's okay to tell some people, but think of it this way: you may have to "untell" those people if something goes wrong. So I'd avoid big blather mouths who are going to spread your news too quickly. Early on, we told my parents right away and then I told some "dead-end friends" -- people who don't run in my regular circle. For example, I live in Maryland and when I was out in Calif, I told some friends out there. I'm now at 12 weeks and some family knows but not all of my friends yet.


chellestoar - April 22

i worried about the same thing. My husband and I just let our family and closest friends know at first..but my husband couldnt really keep his mouth shut. but we let the whole world know abut it when I got my first ultrasound at 10 weeks. GL girl!


Jo - April 23

I agree with Dani, i had a miscarriage in february at 9 weeks. we already knew something was wrong at 7 weeks and i had people i could talk to. now i am 5 weeks pregnant again and i havent kept it from anyone.


lilmum - April 23

with our first we waited until i was 9 weeks (christmas day actually) to tell the family, and everyone else knew from them :P this time we told as soon as we knew, i just couldn't keep it in, i was so excited. It's up to you, sometimes it really fun to wait until a special occasion to spring it on people.



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