I Want To Wear Maternity Clothes

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Angie603 - January 25

I am almost 8 weeks now. I am so uncomfortable in anything I wear except pajamas. I have some maternity lounge type pants, which I wear. My regular clothes are way too tight and won't button. Is it weird to want to wear maternity clothes so early? I feel so nauseated all the time. I think I've earned the right to wear maternity clothes lol. I just don't want to look stupid at work. I would like people to be able to see that I am in fact pregnant rather than just laughing at my new choice in attire unknowingly. Does anyone else wear maternity clothes this early? Will I look weird?


jen327 - January 25

Angie, is this your first or second child? I am prego with my second and at about 8 weeks I boxed up all my old clothes. I unpacked all the maternity clothes. I can still wear some normal shirts, but NO normal pants, I am not ready to "look" prego until 13 weeks. I am currently 12 weeks. But I know that I am showing more then I was with my DS.


kimberly - January 25

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. When we are pregnant we are so uncomfortable anyway why make it worse. Who cares if your co workers wonder why, atleast you feel better. i too can't fit into most of my clothes and am going shopping this weekend for some more fitting clothes.


ROBYN - January 25

Go for it what ever makes you happy and comfortable is all that matters. I am just 11 weeks and I live in my pj's. Love sweatpants and big shirts but i do have some maternity clothes. I dont know if I am "showing" at all but I feel like my stomach is fuller and its not comfortable to wear regular clothes.


lovestruckjsw - January 25

There is a lil trick I learned from a friend and it may or may not work for you but I find it is GREAT for someone who is starting to show a lil or just bloated but doesnt want to go and invest in a ton of pregnancy pants just yet! Get a small hair tie (not a scrunchy, just the lil rubberband kind) and loop it around the b___ton on your pants and through the loop hole, back onto the b___ton. That way it keep the pants together but gives you some extra stretch room! It won't work forever but right now at 10 weeks, it works good enough for me!


lawlady72 - January 25

I wore maternity clothes a few times 8-9 weeks because of bloating, now at 11 weeks the bloat is gone and I'm only uncomfortable when I wear pants that are normally tight fitting. I think my next step is a bella band or two...



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