I Will Be 12 Weeks On Friday Anybody Else

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chantelle - April 19

Have any of your symptoms went away?


123 - April 19



naomi - April 20

Hello Chantelle, I will be 12 weeks on tuesday next week. I have not had alot of symptoms so far.( unlike my first pregnancy) I felt worse whan I was on the Pill, than now. So I am looking forward to having a scan next week. So I can see if there is a baby in there. The only time I feel sick is when I get hungry or travel in the car. What symptoms do you have?


C - April 20

I am 12 weeks on Wednesday, don't have much symtoms anymore, still a little tired, but getting better! Just weird dreams at night that are driving me crazy!! But sometimes I don't feel like I am pregnant - I feel that good !!!


Justine - April 20

I'm 12 weeks on Monday. I still have tiredness though slightly better than before. Didn't have much morning sickness just occasional nausea at certain foods. Still have food cravings (wanted a hamburger at 1am on Saturday) and eating twice as much as before I got pregnant. I had my last scan at week 10 which showed the baby fine and rapidly jumping up and down but also showed a large blood clot (2 inch) and lots of cysts in my ovaries. So my next scan on Monday will be scary (I've also had some brown bleeding though this should be the clot) but apparently if I make it through this scan my chances are good. At 9 weeks the clot was around the baby and had grown an inch over the previous week but at 10 it had seperated away.I really want this baby as it's a IVF baby and I don't want to go through that again. The cysts should disappear at 12 weeks and aren't a worry - its the blood clot that is. I think its normal to loose symptoms around now - I'm glad I'm not though with my bleeding I need the rea__surance of feeling bad.


Kelly K - April 20

I'll be 12 weeks Friday as well. Most of my symptoms are slowly going away, but I'm still tired all of the time. I just went in for my 12 week u/s and saw the little one bouncing and flipping all over the place. We weren't going to do an u/s but the baby kept moving around and the doc couldn't get a clear heartbeat. It was cool to see the baby moving around so much. Looks like I'm going to have a gymnast!


chantelle - April 21

I have really sore b___sts, and geting heartburn alot, and tired other then that i am doing fine.


??? - April 21



r - April 21

Okay ladies...what does BUMP mean? I'll be 11 weeks Friday and have had no symptoms. Have had a u/s confirm pg. Cannot wait for 5/4 appt to hear heartbeat.


321 - April 21




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