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Doubleal - October 19

To all of the future mommies to be, have a happy and healthy nine months and i hope to join you all soon. Here is my ? What do you think is the best hpt? Thanks!


autumnsmommy - October 20

I used a dollar general test (Baby brand), first response, and one of those internet strips from early pregnancy tests .com at 10dpo and they all came up +. Blood test confirmed later that day.


jennifer_33106 - October 20

I used every pregnancy test I could find and to be honest they were all accurate. The best one to try IMO is the Clear Blue digital. Some women dont like thise cuz they take the funout of looking for a line. haha If you wanna go with a stick test then I would suggest the E.P.T. And also, while some women swear by them I HATE the FRER. Even though it did always turn out positive I have never had a bold positive. It has always been very light. And Also False positives are so rare. Most of the time if you get one it is due to a chem pregnancy or the test was preformed incorrectly. But Elizabeth is right on the digital leaving no room for interpretation. :) GL!!! Hope you get your BFP!!


Whisper - October 21

I like Answer Early. Basically same as FRER, made by same company actually, but it costs less. And I've heard a lot of people say they have more dye in them, so they get better lines. I've also used a lot of ICs & $tree tests in my TTC days. I've used FRERs only when the Answers were sold out. And if I ever had a line in question, evap, or whatever, and needed to confirm, CBE Digi for the win. Seeing "PREGNANT" on the screen for the first time ever was just breathtaking. Equate +/- tests are alright if you're short on funds, but don't expect the line to stick around more than a day. I've never used any blue dye tests because I hear so many bad things about them and getting evaps off of them, so I just skipped them and always go for the pink. Hope this helps, and hope you get a bfp soon! *BabyDust*


reneenay - October 22

I'm 10 weeks today...the first test I took was the best because there is NO WAY to be confused. Clear blue digital...no room for misinterpreting the results like with all the tests that show 2 lines. "Pregnant" or "Not Pregnant" is as cut and dry as you can get. Although they are expensive, they are worth it. Of course I took many other tests afterwards to rea__sure myself...those were all store brand...they all worked too. But I would still start off with clear blue digital...good luck!



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