If Hcg Doubling Every 2 Days What Are The Chances Of M C

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mustangcassie - January 5

Hi. I had a M/C in June 08 at 13 weeks. My hcg never doubled any faster than 4.4 days. But everyone said wait for the U/S, it's more accurate. When I got the H/b on U/S at 7wks, I disregarded the hcg but turns out the hcg was right all along. Our bub had it's blueprint upside down and built itself incorrectly and at 13weeks the heart stopped. I found out I am preg again on Christmas eve approx 4 wks past ov and i've had 2 hcg tests. the first 2 doubled at 2.10 days and my one today doubled at 1.46 days. If your hcg is doubling correctly, is there still risk of m/c? Honestly and stories would be appreciated. I don't look at life through rose coloured glasses and know that things happen. Thanks.


IsabellasMommy - January 5

Honestly, no matter how perfectly your hcg level doubles, there's always a chance for miscarriage. I wish that I could say that things would be great, but the only thing I can say is that you need to wait for an u/s. I was pregnant with twins and my hcg doubled perfectly...and when I went in for an ultrasound at 11 weeks, there wasn't a heartbeat for either one of them (this was in July 08). Now I'm about 11 weeks pregnant and I've heard the heartbeat and things seem to be going ok, but I'm still worried.


IsabellasMommy - January 5

Sorry, my browser decided that I was done typing before I had decided that I was...lol Anyway, take things one day at a time and celebrate the little things, especially the ones that you didn't experience with the previous pregnancy. I wish you the best of luck and may this pregnancy go great and you have a beautiful little baby in 9 months.


mustangca__sie - January 6

Thanks so much. That's what I wanted to hear. The truth! Everyone was saying that nothing can happen now and i thought that was c___p. Am very excited but still very cautious! Congrats to you though. Sounds like all is going well.


IsabellasMommy - January 6

You're welcome. I don't believe in telling people that nothing can go wrong, nobody can promise that. I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage this year and I hope that this pregnancy goes well for you. If you worry about things, call your doctor and speak with them. I understand about being excited but cautious, I think every woman is after experiencing a loss. Good luck!!


clindholm - January 6

Hi Ca__sie- I remember you from the last pregnancy (we were both pregnant at the same time). I am so happy to hear that you are pregnant again and wish you the very best. Of course losses still occur with correctly doubling hcg but once you pa__s the 14 week point the chance of loss drops dramatically and you can breathe a little easier. Good luck hun.


mustangca__sie - January 6

Clindholm!!!! Yay! How are you? I was hoping you'd answer. You're good with hcg questions! What's happening with you? Thanks for the congrats. Ca__s.


clindholm - January 7

Ca__sie- I wasn't sure if you'd remember me. Well I was due on 12/7 but had my son on 10/23 at 33 weeks, he was 4 lbs 6 oz and 16 1/2 inches. He was in the NICU for a few agonizing weeks then came home. Long story short, he ended up being rushed to the emergency room less than 36 hours after being released. His temp had dropped to 91 degrees and we almost lost him. The NICU released him too early and he was not eating well enough to maintain his temperature. He spent an additional week and a day in another hospitals NICU. Thankfully, he is doing well now and will be 12 weeks tomorrow. I am sadly back to work already :( The moral of my story is never deny your mothers instint!!!! If you feel something is wrong, stand up and tell your doctors. If they wont listen, go somewhere else. Please know that Chromosome problems are really just flukes and do not put you at any increased risk for a miscarriage. I am sooo happy for you! How many weeks are you? Please keep me posted! Colleen


mustangca__sie - January 7

Colleen! What a ride! man! I'm glad to hear your little boy is powering along. That is Super awesome! I'm about 6 weeks (?). Hcg working correctly and I'm keeping so busy this time. last time if you remember, my hcg never doubled faster than 4.4 days so when I got 2 results this time with doubling time of 2 days and 1.46 days, I thought, screw it, i'm not going to have any more blood tests. Last time it was horrible, everyday waiting for negative news. I'm just keeping super busy. Was this little man your 1st? I can't remember.. And things are ok now?


clindholm - January 9

Ca__sie- you are so right to just keep busy and let the first trimester pa__s b/c unfortunately nothing can be done this early. You have a great start to this pregnancy with your hCG increasing properly. I am sure your pregnancy will go well. I remember that it was taking too long for the numbers to double last time, I would not do anymore tests either. My OB only has it done the 2 times b/c as the pregnancy progresses, the hcg levels vary. When do you go to the doctor? Actually this little guy is our second, or our "last" as I like to say. It is far to stressful being pregnant and worrying. I have a 2 yo DD as well. Will this be your first lo? Colleen



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