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Angie - April 8

I was wondering if anyone had a tubal ligation that failed and went on to have a healthy baby. I had a tubal ligation done in April of 2002 and since then I have had two miscarriages. First being last year and my most recent one on my birthday of March 29th. I'm wanting to try again, but not sure if it is even possible to carry a healthy baby after a tubal failure. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Lots of love all.


Jena - April 10

so only one tube is damaged? if that is so, then yes, you can go on to have a healthy pregnancy with only one tube. good luck!


Nadine - April 11

Have you asked your dr? I don't have experience to share, but I am wishing you the best of luck!


Brooke Crow - April 11

I gave up trying to have a successful pregnancy three years ago ... after having five miscarriages AND a tubal pregnancy (which resulted in losing my left tube/ovary) ... now, here we are 8/9 weeks into a securely attached embryo and strong numbers and strong heartbeats ... total surprise ... yes ma'am, it is possible.


L - April 11

I agree... if you are successfully fertilizing egg & sperm, then it has nothing to do with your tube. If you are getting pregnant, then the egg is getting released & coming in comtact with the sperm. I'd keep trying, do you have any kids now?


Angie - April 11

I didnt have a tubal pregnancy. I had my tubes cut and clipped. but the grew back. Before I had the tubal I had a son who is 9 and a girl who is 4 and now hoping for number three. Thank you all for answering. Any other imput?


Brooke Crow - April 12

I am sorry, Angie ... I completely focused on the word "tube" and took off in the wrong direction. Actually, as a matter of fact, I do know of a woman who had a surprise baby after having her tubes sautered (is that the right word ... meaning cut, then seered together?) ... have you counseled with your doctor about this? Good luck!



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