If You Ve Had A Miscarriage

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Velveteen - May 9

When I was 16 (Young and stupid, believe me I know!) I miscarried. Well, now that the possibility of pregnancy has once again presented itself to me, I've been on this site a lot lately. I've read in various posts that if you've been pregnant before, the second time around you will get more symptoms early on and show much earlier as well. I was wondering if this was true of a miscarriage as well? At fifteen I had no symptoms. Now however, I'm 4 days late for af and with the plethora of symptoms I'm currently afflicted with, I can't help but wonder! I've tested only once, only to see a bfn staring back at me. I guess my question is this: Maybe I have all of these symptoms so early because of past occurances? Or maybe it's all in my head! I just hope history doesn't repeat itself. Thanks for reading!


Velveteen - May 9

Thank you so much for responding! I'm on day five of no af. My symptoms are mainly fatigue all day until it's time to go to bed, lol. VERY sore bbs (I can't lay on them at all), backaches, slight headaches off and on throughout the day, slight dizziness, cramps like af is coming, and most of all feeling very warm. I did have some pinkish brown spotting I'd say about 2 weeks ago, but it only lasted for 2 days. Most of these symptoms don't happen until I try to go to sleep though. Especially the cramping! I get these sharp pains in my sides and across my lower abdomen. Thanks for the baby dust! It's nice to finally meet a friendly person on here! I'm going to test again on the 12th if af doesn't show, as I will be a week late by then.


JAI - May 9

Velveteen, alot of us were once young and stupid....you are NOT the only one, we live we learn we grow up and go on to do wonderful things. I am now older and have a gorgeous 6 month old, and YES I was once young young and very irresponsible, say no more. It sounds like you are preggo and I wish you only the best!


Velveteen - May 9

Jai, thank you for the kind words! I know a lot of people can be very judgemental, so I figured if I said it first, what fun would it be to rag on the young silly girl! ;-P


tndrlvn - May 9

Hi Velveteen, I have to agree with JAI, it sure does sound like you are pregnant....all the signs are there.....make sure you wait at least 4 hours between urination when testing.......i did that and got a slight red line but it was still a line.....BFP.....Good luck and keep us posted!!!!!!!


Velveteen - May 10

It is soo hard to wait! Friday seems like it is years away! I have a feeling though, that it will be a bfn. I tested at 2 days late with a First Response and it didn't show anything...I just figure if an early detection test doesn't give me a bfp when I'm late, that maybe I'm just not. Maybe it's all in my head ya know? A hysterical pregnancy. I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up, but it's definately difficult. I will keep you posted though, and thanks for the encouragement!


Velveteen - May 12

Well, it's Friday and I haven't tested. The most horrendous bleeding started yesterday. My cramps got so bad I was doubled over in pain and I was going through a super plus tampon every hour. It was about 2 in the morning when it finally started to slow down. I still feel like c___p...And obviously, there's no reason to test anymore. :'(


nursej - May 13

well personally I have had a mc 3 times. once when i was 15 y/o, then twice at 23 y/o. i am currently 4 weeks pregnant and i am 24 y/o now. i always can tell when i am pregnant just because my b___sts hurt like hell!!! and i have been sort of nauseous. with my m/c i did not feel as bad, plus my dr. started me on prochieve gel 4% because of my history of low proegsterone.



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