Im 39 How Many Months Do We Try Before Going For Help

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sad - April 12

How long does a 39 yr old try for before going for tests to see if we have problems? i know i'm facing the bio clock ticking, does anyone know. I hear 1 year for under 35 but what for us older women? It will be my first if /when we conceive. (I have no help from family doc. i have to find a new one, she is useless!)


lilmum - April 12

i heard six months.. i may be wrong, or it may be different where you live (i am in canada) but definately find a doctor that will give you tips and help you with concieving. The risks are higher after 35 and if at all possible start acting pregnant now (ie. take prenatal vitamins, quit drinking smoking anything else that may be harmful) and generally take good care of yourself. I wish you the best of luck and hope you will enjoy the wonders of parenting!


sad - April 12

thanks lilmum I've been on prenatal quite awhile in anticipation of getting preg. dont drink or smoke. I cant wait to enjoy the wonders of parenting i'm just impatient i guess due to my age.


TJ - April 12

1 yr for women under 35 and 6 months for women after 35. Good luck!


Liz - April 12

Hi sad, I am trying for number 2 at age 36. I was 29 the last time I was preggers. I hae read 6 months also. Great luck and much baby dust to you!!!!


...( . )..( . )... - April 12

Honestly, why wait? You waited long enough. You wouldn't wanna be close to 60 and still raising a teenager...? besides, your eggs are not that young either NOW-- which means less %ile in conceiving in a snap-- maybe as low as 5-10% to conceive in a year--THAT is VERY low success rate. And IF you have problems conceiving--geez, then you need medications just to become fertile and THAT takes a lot of time , too. Many takes YEARS to get the environment in there right. So, I say get an appointment tomorrow and not a day later!!!!


39 too - April 12

i agree- go in now.. not sure how much your insurance covers but go to an RE- not an OB.. it took us 1.5 years and pure hell of losses to get here (and hopefully stay here) and we are lucky we know.. you never know- it can be the easiest thing or it can be the longest most fustrating thing..


elly - April 12

i got preg through ivf and say go, go now! it's really important to find a doctor you trust who makes you feel helped and encouraged. having someone on your side to coach you and trying different things to help your odds will make you feel a whole lot better and will help you get preg sooner. good luck to you and god bless.



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