Im 5wks And Still Very Sick

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Steph - January 5

Hi, I just had a question. Okay, im 5 a first time mother, and I'm very sick. And it's not just a sick in the morning, its an every day/night kind of thing. I cant even eat. And im not even vommiting. Its just a pure feeling of sickness and weakness.Im just hoping im healthy and okay. Thought I would ask here first, then consult my physician. Thanks.


Sarah - January 5

They say until you are about 12wks you can feel sick, im 5 weeks and i feel sick only around lunch times! its funny how your body reacts. you can always go to your dr and get some medications for it but its something i think that just has to pa__s :( sorry i cant give you good news about that.


ruby - January 7

I'm a mother of 3 boys and am 6weeks pregnant with my last child. THANK GOD, because I also experience all day sickness, that's why I hate when people say morning sickness. And for all of my previous pregnancies it has lasted pretty much the entire pregnancy, it can be stressfull and frustrating at times but I try to focus on the overall blessing at the end. So just hang in there and believe me you're not alone. Good Luck


Steph - January 7

Thanks yall! But just to let you know, I went to my physician and I am perfectly healthy. It just looks like i'm going to have all day sickness. Which sucks, but all I care about it having a healthy baby.=) thanks again.


sarah - January 8

Welcome to being pregnant. You will most likely feel like poo for the next couple months. But then you get used to it!!! I am 9 weeks now!


chrissy - January 8

my doc gave me something to make me stop vomiting BUT it knocks you out .... you'll be down for the count.... and sleep right through it... so i dont take it unless i'm having a really really bad day...


Kate - January 11

I've been feeling the same way since about 5 1/2 weeks. (I'm now at 7 1/2.) I've found that, as much as you don't want to, eating helps to ease some of the nausea. The worst thing you can do is leave your stomach empty. Extra sleep helps too.



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