Im Going To Need Surgery Im So Scared

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dlove11 - December 31

I've been having this crazy pain for the past 2 years!!! yes 2 years and now was that i was diagnosed with what it is thats been causing me all this pain..i was in the hospital for the past 4 days because i have gallstones..and i am going to have my gall bladder removed but since im still in the 1st trimester they need to wait (today im 10 weeks)..the reason i was in the hospital so many days was because the doctors think a stone got out and was stuck in the duct and began inflaming my labs were coming back liver enzymes were high..but day by day they would slowly be going back to they decided to do an MRI which was so hard for me also because i was scared on the affects it might have on the baby..although mri's contain no radiation and it said to be the safest test that can be done on pregnant women..i was still scared..and i know this needed to be done for the sake of me and my baby..if this remained untreated it can get very dangerous for the mom and her baby..but thank god no stones were found wandering around so the doc's think i might have passed right now i am on a strict diet so i wont have any gall bladder attacks..and in a few weeks i will have my surgery..please keep me and my baby in your much as they say its safe to operate in the 2nd trimester it still scares me..but i know this is all for the better and i really cant live with getting that excruciating pain anymore.


softbreeze200 - December 31

Oh honey... I will definatley keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure that the dr's wont put you or baby at any risk, so if they say the surgery will be fine, I am sure it will. And if it is going to cut any risk to you or the babe in the future it will be worth it. Keep your chin up and just think that you are notgoing through it alone - you got your babe with you!! Congrats and the very best of luck. Keep us posted.


lauralockwood - December 31

Sounds like you have no choice here. If you can stay on the diet, to reduce or eliminate your pain until you can have the surgery. Will keep you and baby in my prayers !!


dlove11 - December 31

thank you ladies..i know it will be worth it..and i cant wait for it all to be hispanic so its so hard for me not to eat certain things especially now that its new years and traditionally we have a huge dinner..but i much rather eat some boring food instead of catching that pain.


LeslieM - December 31

hi dlove...remember, science and the medical profession have made leaps and bounds! everything will be just fine and know that you and your bambino will be in my prayers. happy new year!


EricaG - January 1

ahhh, the story of my first pregnancy, however I took a slightly differeny path :o) I started having gallbadder attacks at 10 weeks and I was diagnosed with gallstones at 20 weeks. My liver enzymes would get high too,a nd then go back down. They offered to take it out since I was in my 2nd trimester and I told them "NO FREAKING WAY" It can cause preterm labor and I was not going to risk it unless it was absolutely necessary. So I was put on a diet of under 20 grams of fat a day and whenever I had a gallbladder attack I went to the E.R. and was monitored and got a shot of demerol if it was too bad. Once in a while towards the end the attacks would start labor and it would have to be stopped. Well, when I hit 36 weeks I started having them multiple times a day so when I turned 37 weeks I was induce and gave birth to my 7 lb 5 oz. little girl. 2 days later I had surgery. I had some complications from the surgery, a leak in my bile duct and a pulmonary embolism and ended up spending 3 weeks in the hospital and having a couple more surgeries to correct it. But I 'm so glad I did not have the surgery while I was pregnant, I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if it had cause me to go into preterm labor.



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