Im Going To Wet My Pants Waiting For My Ultrasound

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margie - January 29

so im having my second ultrasound today im 8w2d by my LMP...I'm hoping to see something more than just the sac today! :) Last time I went 2 weeks ago thats all we saw and it was measuring 2 weeks early (around 4 week by the size of the gest sac). Now is it just me or is it a cruel joke that they make us pregnant girls drink 24 ounces of water an hour before the ultrasound? my bladder is gonna explode and I still have another hour, yikes!


ginger6363 - January 29

That's interesting, Margie. They don't make me drink water with my u/s. Maybe b/c mine was transv____al?


Mega - January 29

Good luck Margie! Fingers' crossed you see the h/b today. Yeah, that's plain mean to make you hold your bladder so long. Ouch! Like ginger, my dr does transv____al u/s this early so I don't have to hold my bladder beforehand either. Keep us posted! I hope you get great news today.


lawlady72 - January 29

Same here, I had transv____al. Good luck margie, keep us posted!!!


debbie80 - January 29

I am with the other ladies- I do not have to drink any water before my ultrasounds, but thats because I had tranv____al one.. keep us posted on your appointment!!!


margie - January 29

Aw, you guys are lucky! They just do the regular ultrasounds at my office so I have to have a FULL bladder, ouch! But the GREAT news is that I saw the baby this time and the little flicker of its heartbeating at 120!! :) I just feel on top of the world now. Also he/she has caught up a bit on the growing as now I was showing only about a week behind in my dates rather than 2. I'm sooo happy, being pregnant is the scariest and by far best experience I've ever had in my life!!!!


ginger6363 - January 29

That's great, Margie! I am so happy for you! Now you can relax a bit and enjoy your pregnancy. I know that's easier said than done though: I have my 2nd u/s next Monday and, even though I saw a healthy h/b last week, I am still a little nervous. Getting pregnant is just first hurdle, from now till the rest of our lives we'll be racked with worry for our little ones! Of course, it's totally worth it though!


margie - January 29

thanks ginger! i know what you mean...i will of course still be worried before my next one as well just because that seems to go with the territory of being pregnant, especially the first trimester. good luck with your ultrasound, i'm sure that everything will be healthy and normal :)



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