Im Really Scared Can Any One Help Me

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yours4ever - June 15

I just found out i was going to have a baby from a test i bought at the local store... One thing .. im really scared.. I made a dr.s apt but i was wondering if any one here could help me because i hate stressing out... I have had one child already who is 7 years old and i love him dearly ... Heres the problem.. I recently hurt my arm and shoulder really bad... To the point of them putting me on vicodin and tramidol... Tramidol is a nerve pain killer.. any way .,... i was takeing birth control but if you uses other meds i guess it makes it less relyiable.. any way .. i was still takeing my birth control and all my meds up untill friday when i found out i was going to have a child... i can't even be a full month along but im really scare that the child might come out mentally challanged or That i hurt the baby .. can any one help .. I just hate weekends because u can't get to a doctor .. sigh .. Thank you in advance...


Charlibabe - June 15

Yea a lot of medicines will counter act your birth control pill...If your really worried, I would call your doctor just to get a clear view on it. I hope everything works out okay...Sorry I can't be more help!! GOOD LUCK!


stefkay - June 15

yours4ever, just ask your doctor on monday, but you should be totally fine since 1) you are so so early and 2) if you were taking those meds as prescribed you should be totally fine. I think vicodin in the short term during pregnancy is fine, the concern lies in taking it for extended periods and towards the end where the baby could be born addicted. Not sure about tramadol, but I'm thinking you are ok just keep your doc fully informed as to what you are or have taken so they can know what to watch for. Good luck!


crrodgers - June 15

I really wouldn't worry! I'm sure many women have taken and done worse and their babies were fine. I would just call the doctor and ask if the medication (especially Tramadol) is ok. I know for a fact that vicodin is perscribed during pregnancy so that one I know is ok. I would stop taking them until you talk to the doctor tomorrow! good luck and congratulations!



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