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dont wanna say!! - December 2

i had s_x with this guy then had my period two days later...then 6 days after my period i had s_x w/ this guy n he pulled out but im scared that im pregnant!!


annonymous - December 2

Don't be scared #1. Secondly take a preg-test and that might help tell ya whether you are or not. If he pulled out in time you might not be, but if not... chances are you ARE! keep me posted!


dont wanna say - December 2

ummm...if i wasnt ovulatin could i be still? i mean if it was 6 days after my period culd it still be possible?


Amalys - December 3

Any thing is possible...even before a man ejaculates...he extracts this substance called pre-c_m... and this can get you pregnant too. My partner always pulled out and now I'm 4 - 5 weeks prego. :) Don't be alarmed... definately take a preg. test so you can know for sure and take the necessery to your Dr. and if you are, congrats!!! Good luck. :)


very scared - December 6

all i can say is take a preg. test like amalys said...but i have like the same thing going on, i actually gave this guy head and we had s_x without a condom for like 2 minutes then we got interruped....and now like3 weeks later i just got a cramp today, and i notice that i have to pee more than usual, and i am kind of spotting...but i shouldnt get my period again untill the 18th of december. i had the spotting for 2 and a half days but i hardly noticed it. would i be pregnant? i am very scared and i can not tell my parent because they will like litteratly kill me and i dont mean to sound bad....but i really do not want to be pregnant...mostly because i am only 15 and i keep thinking that if i am i will seriosly kill myself. can u give me some help


dont wanna say - December 6

dont kill ur-self n no matter how mad they get im sure they will cool down n if not im sure that someone in ur family will be there to scared parents would be so dissapointed so im jus hopin that im not pregnant n that the lord will help me with this....all i can say babe is talk to god n if u ask him for help he will help u!! GOOD LUCK



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