Im Soo Sick Any

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amylove0701 - October 4

anyone got advice on what i can do to help with my m/s its totally taking over me... im soo sick 24 only like 7 weeks... im thakful for the sickness cause it lets me know everything is still okay.... but i want some relief,.... thanks ahead for advice


sarah21 - October 4

You can try sucking on lemons or something else that is sour. You can try taking some ginger or getting ginger candy or ginger ale that actually has ginger in it. Sometimes 7-up or Sprite or other non-caffeinated soft drink can help. Don't ever let your stomach get empty-- that's the worst. Try to eat even though you don't want to even if it's just a little. If it persists, you can get some medicine from your Dr. to take the edge off.


ARD - October 4

Well, I'm not going to be much help at all because there's really nothing you can do but ride it out. With my first, I was sick as a dog 3-4 times a day, from week 8 till week 19. I was even hospitalized for dehydration two days. I tried all the home remedies, and everything people suggested, I was even put on medication from my doctor. It took the edge off, but never took it away. Just know it doesn't last forever and that you can get through it. I am glutton for punishment I guess because I am now 5 weeks pg with #2. So I'm just waiting for it to happen again.


ARD - October 4

Sorry, clicked before I finished.....I didn't mean to bum you out if I did. Try all the things everyone suggests, you never know it may help you....I just want you to know it WILL get better!!! Just hang in there!


kay101 - October 4

Anything sour, anything with salt, or anything with ginger. Fruit is usually easy on your stomach, it won't help the morning sickness, but it's an easy food to get down. Try motion sickness bands. You can pick them up at a drug store and they press down on a nerve in your wrist and it's supposed to help. Dry toast, saltine crackers, pretzels, lemon heads, ginger ale, red hots, and they have these sour candies at motherhood maternity called preggy pops.


amylove0701 - October 5

thanks to all you who posted...i actually think im getting a virus thats going around my job now : ( but i will try all these things for here on out... a lot of other people have mention the motion sickness bands...thanks again!!!


TiffanyRae - October 6

If all else fails go to you doctor and ask about Phenegran. It is a medication that REALLY helps with neasea. I was also very very sick my first tri and was hospitalized a few times for dehydration. If you google phenegran is does say not to take when pregnant and that is because they do not have enough studies on the meds and the effect on pregnancy. My doctor said it was safe and the alternative was being hospitalized becuase I kept getting dehydrated. Phenegran does cause drowsiness though so be aware of that. Just wanted you to know this option! Good luck!


fefer1 - October 9

I feel for you! I was like that my first pregnancy. You can ask the dr about B6 vitamin and a sleeping pill - can't remember the name off the top of my head. They prescribe it sometimes for morning sickness. Just keep eating - I know, hard to do - but it's easier to have a full stomach. Also, you can get these preggie pops at Motherhood maternity or babiesRus..they help some people.


Allisonc79 - October 10

My ob prescribed Phenergan as well. She said it was safe to take daily. I was on it my whole pregnancy. Well not as much in the 2nd and 3rd, but really I had bouts of nausea until I had her. It just got more mild the further along I got. But I never actually got sick past the 1st. Baby is healthy as can be though. For nausea, I stand behind Phenergan or other anti-emetics. For more mild forms of it, laying down and getting plenty of rest in a cool (almost cold) dark quiet room helped me, and not letting your stomach get empty. Gingerale is better than sprite, and don't get too full either though. But the anti-emetic helped me through it the most, I don't know how many times it saved me.


Allisonc79 - October 10

Its a combination of b-6 and unisom what your talking about and that is also effective for more mild bouts and helps you sleep too.


ChattyKathy - October 10

If you get to the point where you can't even keep water down, you need to go to the hospital and let them give you some medication.


jezebel1018 - October 10

amylove, my dr prescribed zofran (just to have) and said it is safe to take every day if necessary. i know a few women who have used it with great success and no complications. feel better.



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