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lilme - July 12

Ok so I stopped taking my BC like a week ago and on my menstration chart it says that I should have ovulated today and i been fertile like the past 3 days. Can I get pregnant this way..I mean with just having stopped my BC? If anyone knows about this then plz help me out. Oh and I been kinda crampy today. And if it helps the 1st day of my last period was June 27th. Thanks.


jeni23 - July 12

the first day of my last period was june 16th,im supposed to start july 13th tommarow:(im cramping and everything like im gonna start but i dont wanna my husband and i have been trying to concieve for 6 monthes now.If it helps my mom concieved my sister right after she stopped b/c and she still had a period till she was 6 monthes along,anything is possible:)and my sister is a happy healthy 22 year old:)


Gena - July 12

It is very possible to get pregnant just going off birth control. All my friends that went off it b/c they saw how long it took me to get pregnant, ended up getting prego immediately!


lilme - July 12

Wow ...Well thanks ladies! I am happy to see ppl responding and helpin me..


DB - July 12

anything is possible. I couldn't even get my pd by myself when I stopped the pill. I ended up having to see an RE and was diagnosed with PCOS. Hopefully you will not end up in that situation, but don't be surprised if you have irregular cycles for a while after stopping. Good Luck!


lilme - July 12

what is pcos?


Seredetia - July 13

I'm not well-versed on the subject, but PCOS involves a condition where you get cysts on your ovaries that make it difficult to conceive and/or KEEP a pregnancy once you have conceived. There are symptoms involved and can be found on several websites...some symptoms are VERY prominent and will alert (or clue you in) to the problem, but some are not. I don't think that PCOS is very common, but it does affect a lot of women (if that makes sense). Even if you did have it, it's possible to still get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. It's just a lot of monitoring I would guess. :) Good luck...hopefully you will get pregnant right away!!


DB - July 13

PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome. My RE believed I have PCOS even though I barely have any cysts. Other signs are: acne, hair growth (face, chin etc), annovulation, long very irregular cycles, pain in ovaries. My only symptoms were the acne, no ovulation, no periods and obviously infertility. I wouldn't worry too much that you have this unless you keep having long irregular cycles and some of the symptoms above. Hopefully you will get pregnant right away!! I know a lot of people who have gotten pregnant really fast after the pill.



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