In Lots Of Pain And Always Tired At 5wks Is Pain Normal

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Spring - October 13

I'm 5 wks PG and this is my 2nd PG I never experienced this much pain with my first. I'm very tired like i didnt sleep for 4 days and always feel full, yet i eat normal! My stomache feels soooo full and in pain. anybody know why??


Sara - October 13

Sping-I am 4 weeks and going through the same thing.I think we are beginning to stretch and that is causing a lot of pain.Has your low back been hurting-mine has been killing me.It's nice to find someone that understands the way I am feeling because you are feeling the same.What other symptoms are you having?


michelle - October 14

hey girls.... im 5 1/2 weeks and im in pain lower back my lower left side of my belly even my upper left thigh is aching. im really scared because ive already had 2 m/s'c and i want this one to go okay. i have a doctors appt monday and hes giving me a sonogram to check if everything is okay. im so uncomfortable im having trouble sleeping at night, i have to sleep with a pillow between my legs........should i be worried?


Sara - October 14

Michelle-Congrats on the pregnancy.I've read a lot that your round ligaments stretching can cause some pain.It seems like a lot of mommys to be have backaches too.I was having the aching with muscle cramps horribly all over and I started taking vitamins and it helped ALOT!With my 1st child My thighs ached really bad that I couldn't sleep and my doc said it was a lack of either calcium or vitamins.Try taking some if you aren't already.I also started drinking Powerade too incase I was dehydrated.It's good that you are going to the dr's just to make sure everythings ok. I think you and the baby will be fine just think positive and don't stress. I go to the drs too on Monday.Write back and let us know how everything is.


michelle - October 14

ill definitley write back to let you know how its going. im on prenatal pills but ill take your advice on the dehydrated thing and start drinking more water...ill try anything!!! good luck to you also on monday...keep us posted


Crissi - October 16

Yep, it sucks but it is normal! :) My lower backhurts and I am aching all the time...doesn't help that I have a history of fibromyalgia and am off my meds due to the tadpole. Once things settle a bit it should level off.... aching right along with you all!!


Kim - October 17

Hello all....Michelle and Spring glad to see you got your BFP!! I think I was chatting with you 2 in "AM I PREGNANT" anyways, ive also had a m/c and now having some mild to severe (rarely) aching my my lower back. I too have to sleep with a pillow between my legs or in a tiny ball all curled up to ease this pain....It hurts when im sitting or lying down, but if i stand up, it eases off. Let me know what the doc says. I go tomorrow, so ill let you guys know.


michelle - October 18

well unfortunatly i lost the baby this 3rd m/c. i was having alot of pain on my left side then when i stood up i started bleeding i went to the Er and a miscarriage was confirmed. im upset but we're not going to give up. my doctor is going to run some tests so we can figure out whats going on in there. well good luck to you all i hope everything works out for you guys...


Kim - October 18

AWWW Michelle, Im so sorry!! I know its hard for you. I had a US today at 5 weeks and 4 day. NO heartbeat. Doc says its normal, but we will see. Im very nervous after a mc last april.



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