Increase In Discharge While Pregnant

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JK - February 8

I've noticed alot of white discharge, especially when I go to the bathroom. I went to my Dr last week and he didn't say anything. I was just wondering if anyone else is experienceing this? I'm 7 weeks pregnant.


Kristina - February 8

I´m glad that I´m not the only one! Yes, In fact I am also experiencing this and I´m 8 weeks pregnant.


Jess - February 9

Kristina, finally someone else. Its so wierd, it really mae me nervous because I thought maybe I was loosing the baby. I look it the toilet and there is the white discharge. I'm glad to hear someone else is in the same boat. Other than that do you have any other pregnancy symptoms? None here really, just sore b___sts and that comes and goes.


JLE - September 14

Me too! That's the reason I logged see if I was crazy. I was very concerned that I was losing my baby (I'm only a few weeks along) because I had some white discharge once. But I haven't had any cramping or bleeding. I'm hoping this is normal since you guys have seen it too!


Jami - September 15

i'm 8wks pregnant and i just started getting the white discharge last week. I was scared when it first started. i didnt know if i was losing the baby or if i had some sort of disease or something. luckily my best friend is 9 months pregnant and ready to pop, so i just call her whenever i have a question or fear. and i was glad to know that it was way normal. I am so sleepy lately, my b___sts hurt and i tend to get really dizzy and black out for a second in the morning. that scares me but im still waiting to go to my first doctors apointment. i hope everyones pregnancy goes well! :)


Harvest - September 19

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have had the discharge for my entire pregnancy, my doctor said it's from my hormones, and I will have it the whole time


karen - September 20

I'm curious if everyone else's discharge is unusually thick as well. I thought that was weird, but I guess it's the same for everyone.


KP - September 26



stephanie - September 27

Im 2 months along witch is 8 weeks along now...Ive been gettin lots of white watery discharge and its normal I guess. But, My cervix is open And I thought thats supposed to be closed durnign pregnancy? Can anyone help & tell me what they think.. Its my first pregnancy & Im at high risk...


ker - September 28

Girls, I am pg for the second time, this is perfectly normal sign in pgncy. In fact, a lot of women ttc, use this increase in mucus as a sign that there efforts may have worked. I am not sure if all women have this, but I know the majority do.


Kate - September 28

This is totally normal and to be expected. The only time you need to worry is if the discharge changes colour from clear/white to something else, or if it starts to smell. If this happens it's still likely to be just an infection, but needs to be treated asap to avoid any complications.


Lumina - September 28

I have noticed from time to time also that I get really wet down there. It isn't all the time though, just once in a while. Every day there is discharge in my underwear at the end of the day without me feeling wetness (sorry if that is too much information). Every once in a while though I do feel very wet. The dr. thinks I'm about 6 weeks along now. Is that normal to actually feel wet?


HS - September 28

Yes, I have had this discharge since my 8th week, and I am now 33 weeks. My doc said it is due to hormones and I would most likely have the entire pregnancy, and he was right.



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