Indigestion Heartburn

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Mrs.W. - February 7

Hi there. I suffer from bad indigestion and heartburn something I never really had until I got pregnant... I am 6 weeks pregnant...are tums or rollaids safe to take...they are basically just calcium for all I know.. but just wanted to make sure. Thanks.


kimberly - February 7

Yes, you can take tums, I am not sure about rolaids but, the calcium in tums can compound constipation if you have a problem with that too. I take mylanta because there is no calcium and I need to be regular. lol! I also have never before suffered from indigestion and have really bad with this pregnancy, it is awful I know!


Kime - February 7

you can even take zantac 75 if you want. your dr will let you know its ok but if u dont feel comfortable taking them just continue with the tums


flipthea - February 7

Tums is ok for a while. Mylanta ultra works better---if u experience heartburn at night, u could take it before bed. My doc also said I could take the zantac but to avoid it in the 1st trimester.


Mrs.W. - February 8

Thank you all for your answers - I appreciate it! I guess I will go with mylanta then :)


Jessika2007 - February 8

umm u know what helped for heartburn lol.....I drank milk all threw my pregnancy and I never had heartburn and acid indigestion..thats what worked for me...good luck


ChattyKathy - February 9

The only thing that helped me was milk. Good luck with that.


melissap - February 9

Hi I took prescription strength Zantac twice daily and Gaviscon chewables throughout 2 pregnancies due to exteme heartburn. Your doctor can give you a prescription if it doesn't get better. It is perfectly safe to take and sorry to say toward the 9th month nothing works. Good Luck oh and if it doesn't get better, try and elevate your bed at the head a few inches this will really help as well.


flipthea - February 9

Melissap --- did u start taking the zantac in the 1st trimester? Just wondering bec. my doc initially told me to not take zantac in the 1st trimester and now he said i can. I'm 12 weeks pregnant.


Mrs.W. - February 9

hmmm I never used to like milk...but now that Im pregnant I do... I only drink 1 glas of milk per day though...and eat 1 yoghurt in the mornings... I still get heartburn lol... maybe I will just try and drink some more milk :)


melissap - February 10

Flipthea I really can't remember if I took zantac in the 1st trimester. If your doc says no then don't but like I said I found Gaviscon chewables worked great and if you just elevate the head of the bed a few inches I found it really helps. By the end of my preg. I was almost sleeping sitting up my heartburn was so bad. Both kids did have a full head of hair!! Hope it doesn't stay too bad



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