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Sonia - March 10

I am 4 weeks and I am experiencing insomnia. I am taking cyclogest. Any comments out there?


Heidi - March 10

I had insomnia really bad at about 4 weeks and I still do sometimes. I wake up about 1 am and just lay there till 6 am, fall asleep and have to get up at 6:15 am. It really sucks. I don't know what will help either except try to get some exercise during the day to burn up some energy. I was too sick to do much so I sat around all day after work.


Kelly K - March 10

My doctor told me it was ok to take tylenol PM to help with the insomnia. I take one about 2 hours before bed and seem to do much better at night. Check with yours and see if that'd be ok.


Heidi - March 10

There are some safe drugs out there for insomnia. I can't remember the name of that's a sleeping aid, it's on the safe list. So is Tylenol PM. I never thought of trying that but my insomnia is subsiding at 8 weeks. I read Sudafed is safe and that always made me sleepy. Sounds dumb but when you have to get up for work every day, you're willing to try anything!!!!!


Lori - March 10

I have the same problem, and there are some things I try to do and not do each evening. First of all, try not to watch the news or read the paper right before bed. Take a warm bath before you go to bed and even try writing your thought in a journal before you go to sleep. It helps clear your mind. Also, when you wake up in the middle of the night, switch post_tions, like move to the couch or something. And... make sure you don't fall asleep watching TV. These are some thing I tried and they helped. Hope this helps!


J - March 10

For me insomnia was a symptom of of pregnancy with all my babies. I had it real early on and by 6 weeks it went away and now I am 9 weeks and sleeping like a baby.


Diane - March 12

Have had insomnia since 2 days before the period was due. Now, I am 5 weeks, insomnia is still there. Those who had it, please write when it goes away - I am totally exhausted. I really need my strength, as I work full time and study.



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