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firstimemomma - September 15

I recently got married and applied to be accepted in my husband's insurance. I just found out I am pregnant. I don't know if his insurance will cover me. I don't know how else to have the baby unless I get insurance. I am 7 weeks and they are now processing my insuarance application. Does anyone know if they will cover me, i.e., should i call them up? My appointment with my doctor is not until next week. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE AND INPUT. i'm really scared.


KristineTM - September 16

I am not sure what insurance you have or what state you live in but when I got married it wasn't even a question. It just too a few weeks to process the paper work and that was it. Hopefully you will hear something soon but it shouldn't be a problem


FlyBear - September 16

I actually used to work for an insurance company doing pretty much exactly this. Once we had claims in, I researched them to see if the new member was aware of the condition. So, that said, I will try to see if I can help, although please understand that it may vary from state to state and from insurance company to insurance company. For instance, I know tricare and military insurance will pick up a prenancy no matter what once you are married. Okay so typically pregnancy cannot be covered if you KNOW that you are pregnant before or at the time you signed the application and typically this applies to group policies too. They technically use your LMP as their indication of whether or not you were aware of the pregnancy, however, many companies do not yet have departments who focus on checking out things like this after you have your policy AND technically they are not able to prove that you knew you were pregnant when you signed the application based on your LMP alone. I hope this is making sense so far. Pretty much what I'm saying is that you are NOT eligible for insurance whether group or individual as a pregnant woman. If it were me, I would say wait until you have been approved to be added to the policy if possible and then go to the Dr. It's less likely to be noticed and if it is you can always call and tell them you didn't realize until that visit that you were pregnant, especially if you happen to have irregular cycles. I know this seems dishonest, but unless you can find out about that company's policies on pregnancy specifically it's your best shot. Also, if for some reason you are denied based on your pregnancy, I believe Medicaid is easier to get if you don't have any other options. I just moved and took a job temporarily closer to my fiance when we ended up finding out that we were pregnant. We're not getting married until November. I didn't think I would be eligible for Medicaid based on how much I make but because my employer doesn't offer health insurance as a benefit, I did recieve the Medicaid pregnancy insurance. I know that was long winded but I hope it helps.


firstimemomma - September 16

Thanks for your answers. Especially you flybear. I was actually told by the doctor to try and get on. I paid for the first visit along with the tests and I have 4 weeks to get approved. I was wondering if you know if legally they can have a waiting period for maternity? If so, please respond. I'm feeling better about this already.


april09 - September 18

Some states have laws/mandates that require maternity coverage regardless of your effective date, meaning your insurance can't consider it a pre-existing condition even though you were pregnant before you enrolled in coverage. Your coverage will depend on state and/or the group policy as self-insured policies are not subject to state mandates. Your best bet would be to just call your husband's insurance and ask them, be sure to write down the name and date of who you speak with and what info they give you. If you have more questions after speaking to them, just let me know.



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