Insurance Worries

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Tammy - June 6

I am now 6 weeks pregnant and have not seen a doctor yet. I am getting signed up for insurance for my work(not because I'm pregnant, but because I am now eligible),but it will not be in effect for another 4 weeks. Is 10 weeks too late to see a doctor for the first time, and will the insurance even cover it???


Jbear - June 6

Your insurance should cover it. Read the manual that you were given, and make sure pregnancy isn't excluded as a pre-existing condition (it shouldn't be). As long as you don't have any health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure or other chronic conditions, you'll probably be fine waiting until 10 weeks to see the doctor. Start taking prenatal vitamins (the OTC ones are easier to swallow than the prescription ones, anyhow). I became eligible for insurance through my job at the same time I found out I was pregnant, but I was also eligible for Medicaid, and I did the Medicaid instead, not because I didn't want to pay the premiums, but because where I work you have to be full time to keep the insurance, and I was afraid I would have to cut back my hours at some point in the pregnancy.


Kathy - June 6

You should be all set jbear is right take your vitamins. At 8 weeks I just went in for blood work I haven't even been able to see my doctor yet. I go on Wed for my 12 weeks check


Brandy - June 6

Tammy, I am in the same boat. I am 11 weeks pregnant and my insurance does not kick in until July 1. My OB office just had to verify with my employer that I would be eligible for health insurance and what the group # is (which you can get from HR). Most OBs just have you pay a one time fee around 27 weeks, which will be part of your deductible. So I am not having to pay co-pays. Also, just to put you at ease, according to HIPAA, it is against federal law to exclude pregnancy as a pre-existing condition in the U.S. I have already seen my doctor twice and had an ultrasound that I did not have to pay for. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, my email is [email protected]


cabbie - June 11

You do need to check with your insurance company. My insurance had a one year pregnancy clause on it (Blue Cross and Blue Shield). Also some insurances only cover pregnancy when the date of conception is after the start date of the insurance. Others will cover anything as long as the date of treatment is after the start of the insurance. Good luck! Ten weeks is the perfect time to see the dr. if you haven't had any previous problems!


Tammy - June 11

Thanks Cabbie...turns out you are right. My insurance was Blue Cross and they would not cover it, so now I'm going through another company. Hopefully the approval process will be quick enough to still see a doctor by July 5th(when I'm 10 weeks pregnant)



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