Internal Ultrasounds Do You Take Hubby With You

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1st Time Mom - October 26

I'm just curious... I have my internal U/S on Halloween, and by then I was told, I should be able to see the fluttering of the heart. My husband wants to come, even though I told him this would be an internal. (he was expecting on the belly-type) Anyway, he still says he'd like to go, but I'm nervous he'll be a little freaked out by it. Is this a good thing? Will this warm him up to all the prodding that will take place down there in 7 months from now, or should he just get a copy of the picture when it's all over? Thanks!


Tiffany - October 26

I would take him. My husband would love to go but hes in the military and not here with me right now. I am going to take my mom. He will LOVE it. When you see the heart beat you fall even more in love with the baby. With my first one(I had a m/c) I took my mom and she had the biggest smile on her face when we were done. He will just stand by your head and not see the thing inside.


Jessica - October 26

Congrats! I had my first u/s- internal two weeks ago. It's not a big deal as far as being nervous. You will lie on the table with your feet in the stir-ups just like normal gyno exams. Then they put the u/s probe into you- it looks like a d____o. You can see the baby on the screen just like a belly u/s- it looks like a little bean with arms and the heartbeat. The HB is what makes it all seem real- b/c the baby doesn't look like a persson yet. Go to and you can see 6-8 week u/s pics on their message boards. The baby will be measured and you will get an estimated age based on length. I think it is too early to see the baby on a belly u/s but the internal looks the same on the screen. You wouldn't know the difference. My mom went with me and we were both really amazed. It's also a good appt for your husband b/c your OB can answer your ?'s and tell you what to expect. My busband couldn't make it from work, but my mom was more than glad to come with me.


Anne - October 26

My husband went with me last Thursday. The u/s had been scheduled for Fri. He had to go out of town Thurs. eve., so I had to reschedule it. I rescheduled it to Thurs. because he was upset he couldn't be there on Fri. He was fine during the u/s and it was great for me to have him there and for him too. An experience we both will never forget. If he wants to go, absolutely have him go with you. You're right, he needs to get used to that kinda thing for later anyway.


JK - October 27

I took my husband in during for my internal ultrasound. Of course he had to wait thru my pap before the ultrasound was done!!! He might as well get used to crazy stuff now because it will be even crazier in 7 months!! He was a little embarrased but thought it was interesting what women have to go thru!


maya - October 27

I took my husband and didnt even think twice of it. I thought he would have wanted to come and see. I will now ask him if it was okay!! But it seemed all fine. He was excited and teary eyed both times. It wasnt that weird of an experience at all.


nicky - October 27

i would take him. they cover you up, you can't see what they are doing. i'm sure his eyes will be on the monitor with yours. it's a first for the baby...he should be there


Alex - October 27

take him for sure


Tess - October 27

To 1st time Mom, I dont think he'll freaked out coz they would cover your private parts w/ this white cloth and your hubby will be sitting next to you (both facing the monitors) I think its a good idea that your hubby would like to come. Supportive and all that stuff. :P


maya - October 27

I am not understanding the concern!! if someone knows you really well down there isnt it your husband? what is the worry about??


TP - October 27

I took my husband to my first ultrasound and I'm so glad I did. I felt like he was able to connect a little more--something I know is hard for a dh in the first trimester. Then, they even invited him in the room during my internal exam. Believe it or not, my mid-wife asked him if he wanted to see my cervix! To my surprise (and a few degrees of horror), he walked right down there, bent down and looked! So much for the mystery. Oh well, I figured at the time that he had to get used to it at some point. I guess the point of my telling you that is that I think our dh's would surprise us. They really do want to know what is going on and it's good to let them share in that.


Michelle - October 27

I would take him with you. This is only the beginning of a 9 month journey for the both of you. He would most likely love to be involved as much as he could. My husband and I went through IVF and now I am 10wks. he was with me all the time. And I had lots of v-u/s. Plus we experienced lots of other things that I thought we wouldnt together. I brought us much closer together. I was nervous at first with him there, but he was great..Good luck and Congrats.



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