Introduction From Quot The Dad Quot Low Progesterone Worries

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cscmc1 - June 2

Hello all -- I was looking for information on progesterone levels to calm my wife's worries and found this wonderful forum. I am sure she and I will be back frequently as we navigate this, our second pregnancy. Our first was lost last December and, of course, was very traumatic -- especially for my wife. We were overseas on vacation, and while she was not very far along, we were nevertheless very sad to have lost our first baby. Incidentally, the hospital staff in Erding, Germany were very, VERY accommodating and kind to these two American travelers. We just discovered that we're pregnant again, and my wife's doctor just called to tell her she is a bit concerned about low progesterone levels, so naturally, my wife is in panic mode. We don't know how low "low" is (yet), but we have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday to get her on supplements. Thank you all for sharing your stories and knowledge. This site is fantastic! Hopefully we'll have a long, healthy pregnancy during which to chat with you all! Chris


Bryandi - June 2

I had low pregesterone as well and two previous miscarriages. We have 2 children then had two miscarriages and now are pregnant with our 3rd. I have been on 1 suppository a night since I got my positive pregnancy test. So far so good. I will be done with them at 14 weeks which is when we know the placenta will have taken over and should be supporting the baby on its own. Good luck. I hope everything works out for you and your wife and your little bean!


Kimmer23 - June 3

Yeah, I have low progesterone levels too, and I'm currently taking prometrium v____ally every night until I'm at least 13 weeks. But, if the doc is concerned, you should ask them about taking prometrium or any kind of progesterone to help your wife's body make enough to support the pregnancy. Good luck to you! And, hope to see back here soon!


mcbee - June 3

I always have low progesterone. I have had 3 m/c. So, AS SOON as I got a positive home pregnancy test, I started taking my Prometrium that I had leftover before the doctor even told me to. My progesterone was still only 15.5 (15 is the lowest that he wants to see). So, I started taking 800 mg a day, and my last progesterone reading was 54. I'm 9 w3d, and I've seen a heart beat twice. Tell your wife not to freak out; there's still tons of hope! I'm living proof.


stefkay - June 3

Hi, I did progesterone this pregnancy after several losses and I am now almost 36 weeks and all is good so far...I would suggest doing the Prometrium if possible VAGINALLY. It is the best way to get it. If taken orally not as much gets to where it needs to go (digestive system destroys some of it) and it doesn't leak out like those nasty wax suppositories that some doctors still prescribe. Good luck to you both!!!!!


cscmc1 - June 3

Thanks all! My wife had her appt. today and the Doctor did indeed put her on "Crin9one" (sp?) progesterone (taken v____ally). She went for an ultrasound as well, but the technician said little about it -- only that our Doctor would let us know the results in 3-5 days. My wife asked the Doctor what her progesterone levels were according to her blood test, and it was at around 7. Hopefully this supplement will bump that up!



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