Is 114 A Low H B At 6w2d

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Kim - March 28

My doctor mentioned that this was "a bit low" but I'm already pressing the panic button after three consecutive miscarriages. Any thoughts???


Kim E - March 28

Mine baby's was between 130-150 at 8w4d and I have read that a normal heartbeat would be 120-160. And so for 6w2d, this does not sound very low to me but this is my first pregnancy and I am still learning, too. When is your next u/s?


lisa - March 28

at 6w1d the hearbeat was at 113.. i was worried until i found tons of sites supporting anything normal heartbeat for 6 weeks is 90-110.. The HB jumped at 8 weeks and is good for 10 weeks (so far.. I'm 10w5d).. my RE told me 113 was just fine.. (I also had consecutive m/cs so I understand the fear).. hope this helps calm you.. wishing you a H&HP, Lisa


Kim - March 29

Thanks, gals. :) I like this like support system!


Christina - March 29

At 6w3d was 105 and my doctor felt it was low, that it should be in the range of 120-160. I went back Monday at 7w1d and the heartbeat jumped up to 137. My doctor felt everything was normal, and really happy that the rate was up. Hope this helps.


lyn - March 29

mine at 6 wks was 120, so that should be normal


js - March 30

mine at 7.5 weeks was 174 and at 9.5 weeks was at 180. So maybe mine is high?


Kim too~ - March 30

I had my u/s today and I was 6w/2d and mine was only at 103! The tech told me not to worry as she has seen alot of numbers lower than mine that have turned out fine. My doctor had had me in a panic since I found out I was pregnant! First about my HCG levels not doubling, then she was almost certain this was an ectopic pregnancy (and had me all ready to take the Methotrexate last Friday, then the ultrasound picked up the baby in my belly not my tubes), then she has me worried about my dang beats per minute! I can't take all of this stress!! The u/s on Friday had the beats at only 97, and 5 days later (today) at 103. I was reading a bit ago that they should raise 10 bpm every 3 days! Has anyone else ever read this too? I am so scared to lose this baby after all this doctor has been putting me through! I just now found this site, and I wish I knew it was here for the past month! I'll be sticking around here for sure! Wishing everyone a healthy baby!!


M - March 31

Kim, don't worry. At 6 weeks my Dr. couldn't even find a heartbeat. Now I'm 14 weeks and all is great. I'm sure you're fine. Seeing any heartbeat as early as 6 weeks is great. Good luck.


M - March 31

Kim, don't worry my Dr. couldn't even find a heartbeat at 6 weeks. Now I'm 14 weeks and everything is fine. I think seeing any heartbeat at 6 weeks is great news. Good luck


D - April 1

Kim too~ - do you have any other options for doctors? Yours seems to be giving you a lot of unneeded stress.


Kim too~ - April 8

I went for another u/s on Wednesday night, and there wasn't a heartbeat anymore. I am soooo upset and now am just waiting for my body to realize that the baby died. I have been through so much and got to 8 weeks (per my doctor on Wednesday night...further than I was told originally), and had high hopes since the heartbeat was there. Not only that, since the time I last wrote my doctor had called me two days after the tech had told me that the heartrate was 103, and she said that the chart said the heartbeat was at 160, and not 103. Then she went on to tell me that the baby should be fine afterall....until this Wednesday when I got shot down one final time. I feel like I am ready to explode with every emotion possible...I'll write again when this is all over with. Right now I just have to wait for this to happen naturally, and she said that could take up to a week or so for my body to realize it. I am so scared to go through this, and to try again when this is all over now. Thanks for the replies guys....wishing everyone else a healthy baby......


Misty - April 8

Kim, if you are still here I would strongly suggest for you to go down to the questions for people to ask on the forum called "Pregnancy loss, miscarriage." I went there when I miscarried in Jan. and there are so many women there going through similar things and they all pull together and help eachother through it as best they can. It is such an amazing bond and support system that they have for eachother. It helped me very, very much.


Misty - April 8

Oops, there is more ten one Kim here it looks like. That was to Kim too~.


Christine L - April 9

a heartbeat of 115 is probrobly your own usually FHR is higher in the first weeks of pregnancy 160-190's and remains 130-160 through the remainder. good luck



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