Is 20 Too Young For Pregnancy

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anna - September 29

Im 20 yrs old and pregnant with my first i havent told my mom yet but i will today well any i live with my husband and we've been together for 2years both have good jobs and he graduated from college already, im almost done is it really bad for me to be pregnant at this age?


babyluv - September 30

you are pregnant that is great, no you it is not bad for you to be pregnant at 20 yrs old.I am 28 years old and would do anything to have been able to have a baby at 20 My husband and i have been ready for a long time but it just is not happening for us. Hope and prayers are with you. As long as you love and care for the baby that is all that matters.


Jen - September 30

No, as long as your ready to be a mom you will do fine!!! congrats!!!


Jenna - September 30

For what youve accomplished 20 is GREAT! not too old not too young. I had my first child at 18 and now I am 20 (hopefully, not sure yet) pregnant with another. You are educated, and a 2 yr relationship is healthy. Congratulations and embrace it :)


Winona Ward - October 1

NO WAY! I had my first when I was twenty. Just think of it this way, you will still be young when they are in High School and College, it may even be easier that you will be young when they start maturing. I even tell my daughter that I will be going to clubs with her when she is old enough to go. I think it's awesome!


Jill - November 3

No Girl, I am 20 too, and pregnant with my first baby (12 weeks to be exact). Congratuations too you and the dad. My husband and I have been married for a year and 1/2, and I worried how people would react to, me just being 20, but I don't care anymore. I love this little baby growing inside of me more than anything in this world. Don't worry, I felt the same way. Good Luck!


Louise - November 4

I am nineteen and i am 7 weeks pregnant and i feel as long as your ready then it is totally fine for you. Be happy, you have something wonderful inside of you growing. Goodluck


naomi - November 5

i had my first when i was 17 and now my husband i are expecting again, im 23 and i think we are the right age.


m - November 5

Anna, you are definitely old enough! I started at age 26, now I'm 33 and working on my 3rd and final child. Even though I'm still young enough to have children, I wish I could have started my family at age 20. But since my hubby is nearly 5 years younger than I, that would have been impossible since I hadn't met him then. So I didn't get to start my family in my early 20's, but waiting brought me my wonderful hubby. Nice tradeoff! :o) Anyway, in my opinion 20-22 is the PERFECT age to start a family, especially in your case... already having spent some "alone time" with hubby before the busy life starts. Good luck!


inna - November 22

No, I read that the ideal age for having first baby is 20-35. :)


Sarah - January 5

its not a bad thing im 5 weeks pregnant and 20 nearly 21 we are both excited i dont think there is really an age on being a mum as long as you are ready or sort of ready anyway!


Karen - January 5

I had my first at age 20. He is a healthy and happy 7 year old now. I'm also pregnant with my second child. You'll do fine. Good luck!



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