Is 6w2ds To Early To Hear Heartbeat

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becca - October 25

My doctor says its ok but i just wanted reassurance that im not wasting time and money. Im booked in to go in two days and i will be 6w2ds my doc said the heart usually starts beating at 5ws so it would be fine. Can some ladies tell me their experiences please if they went at 6ws for ultrasound.


T - October 25

You have a great chance of seeing the hb. The piece of mind a u/s can give you is worth a lot. Good luck!


Judi - October 25

Becca, we heard our baby's heartbeat at about 6 weeks. You're definitely not wasting time. It is wonderful to be able to see your baby that early and to see that everything is okay so far. I was worried about an ectopic because I'd had some cramping, and the ultrasound really put my mind at ease.


maya - October 26

I too saw the baby's heart beat the first time around 6 weeks. It was a transv____al ultrasound. It is nice and rea__suring to see it!


Trina - October 26

My doctor only does really doppler on the stomach. I was 9 weeks and we didn't hear the heartbeat. But I was told you shouldn't be expected to hear it by doppler till 12 weeks for sure. 10 weeks maybe....


Tess - October 26

You wont hear the baby's heartbeat but you will be able to see it when they do a v____al ultrasound. I did my 1st ultrasound on my 6w3d and we saw our baby's heartbeat. Good Luck!


Julie - October 26

I had an u/s at 5w 6d and the tech did it abdominally...almost went v____ally because we couldn't hear the heartbeat, and then they found it. My bladder was SO full, so I guess that helped them find it abdominally. It was 151 at 5w6d. My doc said she was surprised that they found it...and I thought for sure they'd have to do it v____ally.


Judi - October 26

Tess, we had our transv____al ultrasound at around 6 weeks 2 days and we did hear the heartbeat. It was very faint, but we heard it, so it is possible at that stage if the heartbeat is strong enough.


Monique - October 27

From everything I read and asking my doc at 11 week appt. she said 12 weeks. I have had 2 transv____al u/s, one at 7 weeks and one at 11 weeks...there was no sound but we saw healthy heartbeat both times. My doc said she will listen next appt(15 weeks) because at that time it will be nice and strong and easy to detect! Good Luck!



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